Chapter 53: One night (Part 2)

But Gong Ouyang’s pulled her into him and his dark bottomless eyes flashed with a sign of dangerous haze as he looked at her stopping her in mid sentence.

He wanted to hear only one answer from her and anything else was forbidden from her lips.


Xiaonian was once again stumped Why ask her at all if he gave her only one option to choose from?

“Understand?” he repeated again and this time the glint in his eyes deepened further taking a ruthless form.

Xiaonian felt a tendril of fear slip down her spine and she nodded mutely.

“Good”. His left hand cupped her cheek gently as he kissed her once again, only this time deeply. His hand cupping her cheek controlled her and made sure that she didn’t shift herself away from him.

More than a minute second passed before Gong Ouyang released her lips and immediately looked to his right at the corridor with a frown on his face.

Did he imagine seeing someone at the end of the corridor just a moment ago?

Xiaonian looked at him confusedly and followed his line of sight to the corridor but her face was immediately pushed into Gong Ouyang’s chest with his hand rendering her unable to look.

“I haven’t eaten anything good for along time, why don’t you cook something for me tonight, Im starving” Gong Ouyang complained.

“You act like you haven’t eaten for days” Xiaonian couldn’t help but ask him in suspicion. 

Gong Ouyang scoffed at her, as if he wouldn’t eat just because it wasn’t made by her, “The food wasn’t very palatable” he said proudly.


What was there to be proud about that? Xiaonian looked at him blankly.

Was this man alright?

Is it okay that he sits on top of thousands of men he rely on him and his company for their livelihood?

Gong Ouyang looked at the skeptical look on her face and wanted to go back to kissing her, but he was really started for some good food and he wanted t eat something good before things went anywhere, so he just dragged her back into the house.

But Xiaonian dug her feet and her crutch in and refused to move in.

“It’s still dark there” she said stubbornly.

Gong Ouyang looked at her quizzically before he let go of her hand and fished out his mobile from his pant pockets and placed a call to one of his staff.

“Turn the services back on at Tianzhi’s apartment immediately” he gave the order and hung up before he could even listen to what the other person said.

He already had what he wanted, although in a different way, so he did not want to continue on the avenue anymore.

“Let’s go” Gong Ouyang picked up Xiaonian in his arms in a princess carry and walked inside their apartment.

And just as they entered the apartment, the lights turned on. Xiaonian took in a deep breath of relief.

“By the way, why perfume do you use?” Gong Ouyang asked Xiaonian as he carried her away from the kitchen and towards their bedroom.

Xiaonian who was looking at the kitchen getting further and further away from her looked at him distractedly, “Perfume?”


Why did he want to know what perfume she used?

“Mu’s cheapest perfume” she told him.

Back when Mu Qian Chu was avoiding her, she tried to to approach him by trying to talk about familiar topics and as a result she tried using one of his company’s perfume as a way to find a common topic between them but because the perfumes were so expensive, she could only opt the cheapest one from their line and after years of usage, she stuck to them out of habit.

Gong Ouyang stopped in his steps for a while on his way and looked deeply at the woman in his arms, “Mu Qian Chu? Your brother in law? You really seem to want to support your family, how noble” he said with a weird look in his eyes and started back to their room.

Entering the brightly lit bedroom, Gong Ouyang place Xiaonian on the bed and proceeded to press her down.

“I..I’ll go make something for you to eat” Xiaonian said in a rush as she tried to get off the bed in a hurry. But Gong Ouyang simply pushed her back into the bed bearing over her.

“Um. I’ll eat later, first, you.”

  •           *            *

In the empty corridor, Mu Qian Chu walked out from the corner and watched at the closed door with complicated feelings.

His phone vibrated indicating an incoming call and he picked it up and answered it.

“Sir, I found out the location of the number” a man said from the other side.

“Um” Mu Qian Chu made a sound to indicate that he should tell him further information.

“Sir, the number is currently located at Tianzhi apartments and if you give us some more time we can pinpoint exactly which block they are in” the man said waiting for further instructions.

Mu Qian Chu’s grip in the phone tightened at this information.

“No need” he said and hung up the phone.

After a few seconds of hesitation he scrolled through the contacts and pulled ou Xiaonian’s number and messaged.


Translator’s interview:

Translator: Hello Xiaonian! I have one more question for you today.

Xiaonian: (looking very disinterested) What question?

Translator: How do you decide when to fight with Mr Gong and when to back down?

Xiaonian: (looks suspiciously at the translator) Do you work for him?

Translator: (Flustered) No no, of course not!

Xiaonian: (Sighs) well, there is no deciding to fight with him. It just sometimes, you know, how women get really pissy at things?

Translator: … Ahuh? (does not really understand where this is going)

Xiaonian: Some days, I just lose it. Like I drank chicken blood or something, and some other days I remember who I acted and feel so scared that I could pee.  T^T

Translator: ….. 

(Dear readers, the male lead is something, but the female lead is plenty weird too!)


  1. Thank you for all your hard work.

  2. Your interviews are so funny🤣 love your sense of humour

    Why TF is her brother in law meddling in her life now. Men make no sense, he’s the one who told her to get lost and now he’s feeling complicated 🤦🏻‍♀️ Die


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