Chapter 54: T-chapter (Part 1)

T/N: This chapter 54 (T-chapter) does not belong to the original raws and is done in an effort to act as  a bridge. Another chapter 54 will follow.

The next day, Xiaonian cooked breakfast early in the morning.

She took off her apron and slowly made her way to the bedroom. Her leg was just sprained and if she was careful, she could walk around, albeit slowly.

Gong Ouyang was still sleeping on the bed, covered with a white quilt. He looked even more handsome, sleeping. His thick eyelashes against his cheeks, and his messy hair from their night of activity in the bed gave him a charming boys air. But all that, Xiaonian knew, was just an illusion. Once he was awake, he would be the annoying and overbearing person she knew he was.

She walked to the bed and sat by him to alleviate the ache on her leg, “Gong Ouyang, the breakfast is ready, you should get up and eat” she called out to him.

The man on the bed did not respond and continued sleeping.

Xiaonian pushed his arm, prodding it with her finger, “Get up, your breakfast is ready ah” she said again.

Seeing as he was still not waking up, she decided to come back later and made to get up, but a hand snaked around her waist and immediately pulled her back into the bed.

Xiaonian screamed in terror, scared out of her wits at the unexpected action.

Gong Ouyang laughed out loud at her theatrics.

This woman, wasn’t she a little too easy to prank?

“You weren’t sleeping!” she accused him, a curse much stronger than another rushing through her brain, all aimed at the sexy man lying on the bed before her.

“The scenery before me looks so beautiful that it seems a shame if I miss it” Gong Ouyang said with hooded eyes looking lecherously at her chest.

Xiaonian immediately looked down and saw that her pajama’s shirt stretched lower because of Gong Ouyang pulling her down and now it showed a little more spring time scenery than she wanted to be on display and immediately pulled it up.

Gong Ouyang lazily watched her trying to straighten her shirt and somehow it looked ten times more erotic than one of those women taking their clothes off.

“What’s the use of hiding anything from me now? What haven’t I seen before?” he nonchalantly asked her supporting his head in his palm.

Xiaonian looked at the sheets sliding down him and baring his chest and his lazy gaze and suddenly her face burned with a mixture of embarrassment and humiliation.

“Breakfast is ready, you should come to the kitchen” she remained him again before she got and walked out of the room without looking back at him

Gong Ouyang fell back on the pillow staring at the ceiling. It felt good coming back here, being with her. All those things and people at Senlin just felt like unnecessary and noise and distraction compared to this.

He remembered Xaonian’s response just now and unbidden, his lip curled into a mischievous smile.

He did so many shameful things to her in this very bed and still, she blushes at the sign of slightest tease. Does she realize that it would just whet a man’s appetite?

He made a quick call to few staff at Senlin to transfer his work and other things to TianZhi and went to join Xiaonian in the kitchen after a quick wash.

By the time he came to the kitchen, the breakfast already cooled and so Xiaonian was ordered to reheat their breakfast while Gong Ouyang sat in his chair leisurely and observed her very movement.

“Here” Xiaonian placed few dishes on the table and took the seat before Gong Ouyang and started eating.

Gong Ouyang looked at her gobbling her food and his eyebrows furrowed slightly, “eat a bit slower, it looks so unsightly when you are eating as if you have been starved for days.”

He liked watching her eat her food, like a little animal, but eating like this, it was quite repulsive.

Xiaonian heard him clearly but her speed hadn’t quite decreased, she still kept shoveling food into her mouth.

She had lived with this man for quite a while and she knew that if she didn’t eat while she can, there won’t be any left for her to even fill the gap between her teeth.

“You don’t worry about me, you should just eat while the food is hot” she told him and resumed eating at her fastest speed.

Gong Ouyang raised an eyebrow at this and said nothing. He picked up his chop sticks and for the next few minutes the only sound that occupied the room was that of chopsticks clinking against the utensils.

Gong Ouyang soon finished his share and polished of the extra servings too, when he checked the last pot for food and found it empty, his eyes lifted over Xiaonian’s plate.

Xiaonian realized that he was intensely gazing at the fish on her plate, so she grabbed it and put it in her mouth first, as a preemptive attack.

Gong Ouyang’s gaze followed the fish and before she knew he quickly snatched it out oh her hands and mouth and ate it so naturally that for a moment Xiaonian wondered if she hadn’t imagined it to be her fish mistakenly.


Her fish!

Just f***ing flew away ah!

Gong ouyang saw her glaring at him quite hatefully but he raised one eyebrow as if taunting her and deliberately said, “mine” with an evil grin.


If she had transformation abilities, Xiaonian vowed to herself, she would turn into a dog and pounce of him and bite him to shreds!

How dare he snatch her fish dammit!

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