Chapter 54: T-chapter (Part 2)

Gong Ouayng started living with her in TianZhi once again starting that day and in the next few days the staff who left came back, and his stuff was moved back once again.

Xiaonian understood one thing: If you had money, people will even accept your pig like behavior and dog like behavior.

The annoyance at the unfair advantage of money to a tyrant like Gong Ouyang directly translated into her comics as she punished the president in her story with creative punishments.


This is all retribution!

Xiaonian started picking up the dishes when Gong Ouyang finished his breakfast. These days, he had breakfast regularly at Tianzhi and it became a habit to cook for him and clean up after him, after all she considered it as a sort of rent for staying in this apartment.

“Leave that stuff to the maids and come send me off” Gong Ouyang said as he picked up a file from his assistant by him and walked to the hall leafing through the file.

Xiaonian sighed.

This has become a new routine for them these days and it was something she was uncomfortable with.

Gong Ouyang stood at the door and looked at her coldly. Xiaonian quickly walked up to him and placed a kissed on his lips and stepped back before he could take advantage of it. If he did, it wouldn’t be the first time.

His assistant and bodyguards were waiting for him behind them and she really did not want to do those sort of things before other people.

A small glimmer of dissatisfaction passed through Gong Ouyang’s eyes but he quickly turned away and headed towards the elevator with his team.

Sighing with relief, Xiaonian locked the door behind her and headed towards her study.

Her leg had healed quite well without any problems and recently, her work on her comic had been going very well. The story was taking a shape and she and Xia Yu were now busy tweaking details on the drawings and profiles.

Once she sat down, she did not get up until a maid knocked on her door to remind her that it was time for her lunch.

Gong Ouyang found out that she was missing her meals and it was getting in the way of her leg healing properly from her nurse and he almost blew off a gasket threatening her with burning her study room.

Xiaonian was scared enough that she agreed to almost anything he said he wanted.

What else can she do?

Her work was her life ah!

So, if Gong Ouyang wasn’t eating at TianZhi, a maid cooked for her usually. Xiaonian still felt slightly uncomfortable at this arrangement, after all she was a commoner, but it did help a lot with her work so she learnt to turn a blind eye to it.

Around evening, her phone beeped signaling the arrival of a message and the name of the sender made Xiaonian go rigid for a second.

It was a message from Mu Qian Chu.

And it read: Xiaonian, I have the information about Tang Yi, meet me at 2horses coffee house the day after tomorrow at 8.30 and I can give you the information.

After reading the message, Xiaonian’s heart almost leapt out of her mouth.

She felt scared and excited at the same time. She read and reread the message on the screen to make sure she read it right.

This was what she wanted, and now it was here.

Xiaonian bit her lower lip trying to get herself in control of her emotions. She wanted to immediately reply that she would, but there was a small detail that niggled at her brain and she wanted to sort it out first before she did.

She asked Mu Qian Chu about Tang Yi just a few days ago and now he already had the information, but Gong Ouyang still had to say anything about it at all till now. She understood that he was busy man with many things to do, not to mention his temper, but she felt it was only right to inquire about Tang Yi from him one more time from him before she received the information from Mu Qian Chu. It would definitely be less problematic with Gong Ouyang that way.

With that decided, she waited until later dinner that day to speak with Gong Ouyang.

She knew not to talk about it before or during dinner, so she waited again until they were in the bedroom.

As usual, Gong Ouyang immediately went to working on her clothes, but  this time Xiaonian put a hand on his to halt him, “Um, Gong Ouyang, that, I have something to ask you..” Xiaonian started. 

Gong Ouyang bit down his irritation and stopped his actions looking at Xiaonian for further explanation. When Xiaonian made to sit up in a more comfortably he pressed her back into the bed trapping her waist in between his legs as he leaned over her, “you can tell me just like this” he told her smirking.

Xiaonian swallowed one or two choice curses but still managed to spit out a small smile.

“You remember I requested you the contact information of Tang Yi, my classmate?” she asked tentatively. 

Gong Ouyang’s smirk gradually disappeared and his dark eyes froze over.

When Xiaonian found that Gong Ouyang did not say anything, she decided to push forward, “I just wanted to know if you found anything about her?”

Gong Ouyang straightened up over her, still trapping her in between his legs, “Why?”

Xiaonian eyebrows rose in surprise. What does he mean why? Did he not want to know what happened? The truth.

“I thought you would want to know about what happened back then?” she asked him.

Gong Ouyang’s eyes now frosted over and he stared at her intensely.

Xiaonian squirmed under his stare, “I just want to prove my innocence and…put a rest to all this blame.”

 Gong Ouyang quieted at her statement, staring at her face, a multitude of thoughts going behind his obscure eyes. His fingers slid up to her blouse and continued unbuttoning her.

Xiaonian looked at his eyes and lowered hers to look at his slender fingers working on her blouse buttons. It looked like she couldn’t ask him anymore.



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