Chapter 54: TangYi's information (Part 3)

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The next morning Xiaonian sent a message to Mu Qian Chu telling him that she would meet him at the 2horses coffee shop at the appointed time.

Switching off the phone screen, Xiaonian slid down her chair in the study.

Yesterday, she got a telltale glimpse at Gong Ouyang’s attitude towards this whole thing and she was just understanding how deep in trouble she actually might be.

Before this, she knew that if she found the evidence that she was not the woman from three years ago, she would be free, but after the incident where Gong Ouyang became violent with her and beat on of her friends, he changed. 

It was not a big change, just minute differences in his behavior with her. He now notices her habits and makes sure she is well taken care of here, like how he ordered a maid to call her for her meals in case she forget to have them, or how she is not allowed to work after 7 without further resting, things like that. He even sticks to her much more than he used to, and yesterday, he did not blow his fuse like he usually would, even in bed, he is gentler.

She bit her lower lip anxiously as she scribbled a random picture on the pair before scratching it off and throwing the pen aside.

It wouldn’t be so bad, it would even have been a welcome change if the other person wasn’t Gong Ouyang.


The next day-

After Gong Ouyang left, Xiaonian washed up and put on a casual jeans, a pair of leather boot and a cotton blouse.

She stood in front of the mirror, and felt satisfied with her look. She looked casual and hopefully Mu Qian Chu will not misconstrue that she was trying to impress him.

When Gong Ouyang was home, she was not allowed to wear such casual clothes that made her look ‘ridiculous’, what an ass!

Xiaonian picked up her bag and her mobile and stepped out of the apartment. When she got out of her block, she walked a little further out of the building and stood on the footpath to wait for a taxi.

But instead of a taxi, a white convertible Porsche stopped in front of her. 

Xiaonian made to move out of the way but instead she heard a familiar voice calling her name.

Mu Qian Chu?

Mu Qian Chu was wearing a refined dark gray suit and smiled at her, “Just saw you while I was on my way” he told her.

Xiaonian felt a small shock go through her.

Would he ask why she was waiting here?

But luckily, he did not ask her any such thing and smoothly pulled off his sunglasses, “the information is at the company, now that I saw you here, why don’t you just come with me?” he asked.

Xiaonian couldn’t think of a reason. Afterall, it was her request and it was only fair that she made accommodations because she was the party who asked for the favor.

“Thank you” she said to him and climbed into the passenger seat.

“Just a small thing, no need to thank” he told her with a small smile and started the car.

Only after few minutes did she realize that they were not on the road that will take them to his company and were instead on a completely different road.

Did the company move?

“Did you move your company?” she asked looking at him.

Mu Qian Chu looked at her with an apologetic smile, “Oh, I’m going to somewhere else, it’s a little urgent. Are you in a hurry?”


Was this okay?

Xiaonian bit her lip, she wanted to say that she will wait for him at the coffeeshop and he could do his business without her tailing him, but it would sound very rude, so she simply smiled and agreed.

She tried t minimize her presence in the car and looked out of the window without trying to make any conversation.

She knew from experience that her attempts at conversations were not welcome by Mu Qian Chu and she did not want to make him unhappy when he had something she desperately wanted.

Mu Qian Chu looked at her silent profile from the corner of his eye and increased the speed of the car.

After 20 minutes, he parked the car in from of a very old abandoned amusement park that was not in use anymore.

“I have some business here so I’m going to be there for a while, if you want, you can take a walk in here until then” he told her.

“No, it’s alright. I’ll just wait here until you get back” she said and watched him leave.

Amusement park?

The paint on the welcome board faded and some parts were peeling. She could just barely make out the words on it- Crazy amusement park.

Wasn’t this the one she came to a long time back?

When she came here, the amusement park was alive with bright popping colors, music and lights, and now years later it became so unrecognizable.

Things really do change a lot with time.

She was still thinking about the old things when Mu Qian Chu came out of the small gate carrying a small file with him. When he looked t her, he smiled and for just a weird moment, Xiaonian felt as if the old Mu Qian Chu had returned back.

Perhaps the shock might have showed on her face, because when Mu Qian Chu saw her face, he asked with concern, “is everything all right?”

Xiaonian immediately straightened face and coughed a little to cover up the awkwardness.

“Yes, yes, just surprised at the state of the amusement park. I came here once when I was a child, it was very different back then” she quickly explained to cover up.

Mu Qian Chu stared at her for a second longer and got into the car and put the files in the back seat except for one, “we are buying this place, it’s going to be turned into a manufacturing company for the perfumes” he told her.

Oh. So, they were acquiring it.

It felt a little sad to see it go down like this. She had very fond memories at this place after all.

“Here,” Mu Qian Chu handed a thin file to her.

Xiaonian took it and when she opened it, she found that the file contained a small history of where Tang Yi travelled with her previous and present contact details.

Her heart stopped for a second in her chest and her fingers trembled.

“Thank you” she told him sincerely. He probably might not know how important this was to her. 

Mu Qian Chu looked at her silently, taking in her red eyes and trembling fingers.

“It’s not a problem” he told her, “tell me where to drop you and I’ll take you there” he told her but Xiaonian quickly shook her head.

“No, no. Thank you. You already did a huge favor, there is no need to do anything more. I’ll just find a nearest subway and get home myself” she told him and gathered her purse after putting the file in.

“No” Mu Qian Chu disagreed her, “I’ll just drop you at the nearest subway station then” he said making sure she can’t refuse and immediately started the car.


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