Chapter 55

When Xiaonian got back to TianZhi, she hurriedly removed her shoes and closed herself in the study. 

She pulled out the file and sitting in her chair poured through the information.

According to the file, Tang Yi had an adventurous lifestyle in the last few years. It was almost hard to imagine the shy quite girl who she knew three years ago became someone completely different like the one depicted on this paper.

After graduating, Tang Yi traveled around the world, visited many countries, had several boyfriends and is now currently single and was participating in many dance and language classes.

The person described here felt very unfamiliar. Can’t believe that Tang Yi became so ‘chic’ these days. 

Xiaonian leafed through a few more pages before she landed on the page with her recent contact details. There were 6 phone numbers listed under four different residences and it said that she could be anywhere among those four places as she seemed to move a lot with a fixed schedule.

Xiaonian eagerly pulled out her phone and called the numbers one after another, but not one call was picked up despite calling more than twice on every number.

Xiaonian put down the phone and stared at the numbers on the file blankly.

Was she away on another trip? The file did say that she moved and travelled a lot. She could be away, she can just call her tomorrow. At least she had the addresses to fall back on, she was not completely hopeless like before.

That evening, Xiaonian paced in her bedroom trying to sort out her clothes in between and straightening the bed sheets and pillows then again to work off her restlessness.

Suddenly a pair of hand circled around her waist pulling her back against a warm chest.

“You seem very restless” Gong Ouyang’s silky voice floated through into her ear making her jump.

“No” Xiaonian replied quickly, a little too quickly because Gong Ouyang stared suspiciously at her behavior.

“Just some writer’s block with the comic, that’s all” she quickly amended. She did not want to raise any red flags with Gong Ouyang now that she has come so close to freedom.

Gong Ouyang turned her around and pulled her up into his arms and nipped her jaw, “how about I give you some material, hm?” he whispered near her ear.

A shiver of awareness ran through Xiaonian and it did not go unescaped from his eyes.

He grinned at her, “can I take this as a sign that you are also willing?”

Xiaonian’s face reddened in embarrassment and denied it immediately but Gong Ouyang laughed out loud and carried her over to the couch by the balcony and laid her on it and sat by her.

He picked up her hand and played with her fingers smoothing out a smooth nail and the delicately rounded finger tip.

“A few days later, there will be a small party. You’ll be coming with me” he told her causing Xiaonian to jerk her hand away.

Her, going to a party with Gong Ouyang?

“Not willing?” he asked indifferently pulling her chin up to face him.

Xiaonian looked at him and the poker face he had on did not let her know what he was thinking, “my sister, she’s a big star you know, if I go out with you, it is easy for her name to be dug up and you wouldn’t want all that” she tried reasoning with him.

In fact, she absolutely didn’t want to go with him because any woman who was associated with Gong Ouyang can’t escape into obscurity easily and with her tiny insignificant background that kind of focus and attention on her will be detrimental no matter how you think about it.

Gong Ouyang bent down to capture her lips in a swift kiss that slowly became something more. His finger tips brushed against her skin inside her blouse  while his hips picked up speed.

He watched the woman beneath him whimper, her eyes closed and the eyelashes trembling like the whispy wings of a fairy. Her skirt now covered only a small part of her legs and her blouse was half open hinting at the voluptuous delight underneath, she looked like a madonna that was being debauched and that just made him want to defile her even further.

This woman was his own personal canvas and she is going to be drenched firmly with his colors, no matter what they are.


The next Friday evening-

Xiaonian picked the dress Feng De delivered to her yesterday and put it on her. It was smoothy and the hem reached her knees and flirted around her legs, it was a very beautiful dress.

A maid helped her into a simple hair do and bought her her shoes from the closet.

After she wore them all, Xiaonian stood before the mirror and admired the woman in the mirror.

Proper food on time and sleep can do miracles to a person, she thought.

Since a long time ago, she started living by herself and she scrimped every penny she had for the future because she knew that the Shi parent would not essentially come forward to help her in times of need, so she always keep a small sum of savings in her bank and worked hard, sacrificing sleep to get a little bit extra every month.

It’s no wonder rich people tend to look good.

She picked up the shiny black purse that came along with the dress and walked into the hall where Gong Ouyang was already waiting for her.

As soon as Gong Ouyang saw her, an appreciative light lit in his eyes. She had an innocent face and a seductress’s body and in that silk black dress she looked so beautiful that it took his breath away.

His gaze moved down her again but this time it stopped at her neckline where a hint of cleavage was visible, not just to him, but out there, to everyone. His lip curled with distaste, he clearly mentioned that nothing that shouldn’t be seen by others should be on display. Tch!

“You! get her a shawl!” he snapped at the maid following Xiaonian.

The maid quickly scampered away and returned back with a matching shawl and handed it to Xiaonian who draped it around her.

“Tighter” Gong Ouyang ordered her when he found that it wasn’t doing it’s job properly.

Xiaonian sighed in exasperation and pulled the ends of the shawl closer. This man was sometimes weird.

“Is this good?” she asked, she can’t have him shouting at the maids and scaring them away.

“Better. Now come here.”

Gong Ouyang held her petite body under his shoulder and walked out of the apartment with her.



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    1. Hi Luna Goddess of moon (huff! long name, will just call you Luna next time), I'm sorry to say that I suck monkey's balls at Chinese and unless the MTL is good, I cannot do it.


  3. Well this seems a decent display of affection. I hope gong ouyang will not be in his PMS in the next chapters

  4. Just what is he planning? I thought they were supposed to have a secret relationship, is he trying to make it high-profile so that she can't escape anymore?

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