Chapter 57: Meeting (Part 2)

She waited in the same spot waiting for the woman to talk again. But because she was talking in such a spoiled voice, Xiaonian could not make out if it was indeed Tang Yi’s voice. Not to mention, it has been a long time since she hadn’t talked to her, so her memory of Tang Yi’s voice was slightly blurry.

Biting her lips in trying to control her speeding heart beat, Xiaonian slowly took few steps towards the spot around the corner.

When she turned around the corner, she saw the back of tall woman in a fine green dress hanging onto a middle aged man’s arm and whispering against his ear.

The man laughed in response and pulled her along and started walking away from Xiaonian’s place.

Xiaonian panicked and hurriedly called out, “Tang Yi?”

The woman turned around and those few seconds seemed to have become ages for Xiaonian who waited with abated breath.

When she saw the woman face, Xiaonian released a tightly held breath swiftly thanking her gods again and again.

It was Tang Yi!

“Tangy Yi! It’s me Xiaonian!” Xiaonian ran forward to hold her hands emphatically and introduced herself.

Tang Yi frowned in bewilderment and pulled her hands back.

“Who are you?” The man behind Tang Yi asked her in a gruff voice. He was obviously displeased at being interrupted.

Tang Yi looked twice at the delicate woman before her and widened her eyes in surprise. “Are you Shi Xiaonian?” she asked in shock.

Xiaonian immediately nodded her head like her life depended on it.

This is it!

She had found her!

“It has been such a long time since we haven't met each other,” Tang Yi said still looking confused.

“Yes. Yes, what an amazing coincidence,” Xiaonian agreed with a big smile on her face. She couldn’t really contain her happiness.

“Are you also attending the gathering?” Tang Yi asked looking around her and then looked closely at Xiaonian.

Her gaze seemed to run along Xiaonian’s casual dress and a slight sense of disappointment seemed to have assailed her.

“Ah? Yeah,” Xiaonian answered absent mindedly. Her thoughts were running ahead of her and she was deeply thinking about how she can go about asking Tang Yi’s help.

“Oh, which one might it be, hm?” the man beside Tang Yi asked with a sneer on his face.

Lin Dai, a 47 year old man was the owner of a big engineering companies that manufactured electronic parts. He was married and had two grown up children, and had plenty of mistresses.

He was quite irritated at this woman who interrupted their good time, but when he saw her delicate figure and the bright smile on her face he held back his reprimands. He couldn’t stop himself from imagining how good it would be to have a woman like that with him.

So when he heard that she was with someone already, he couldn’t help but make a jeering remark. After all, looking at how casually she was dressed, it seemed like the an she came with was not a very rich person.

On this cruise, everyone who was invited was rich or someone with enormous potential where they can meet with potential sponsors, he thought that Xiaonian came with some poor talented sop that could;t afford a beautiful dress for the beautiful lady.

What was the point in having such a beauty by your side if you can’t provide for her, hah! She might as well come under his wing.

Tang Yi saw the calculating expression on his face and her face turned slightly ugly.

“Xiaonian, it is quite inconvenient for us to talk now, how about I find you later?” she asked looking at Lin Dai coquettishly.

Xiaonian’s face burned with embarrassment. This was indeed inappropriate, but this also gave a good excuse to evade the question asked by the middle aged man beside Tang Yi. She did not want to tell people about Gong Ouyang if she can help it.

She squeezed Tang Yi’s hand and said, “yes ofcourse, I’m so sorry. Let’s catch up later, okay?” 

And before Tang Yi could say anything to her suggestion, she went ahead with the designation, “Let’s meet tonight at 7.00 PM by the second balcony, okay?” she squeezed a smile on her lips and hurried back without looking at them or giving Tang Yi an opportunity to reject.

She knew she was bulldozing her way through this, but at this point, she did not mind causing slight inconvenience to people to get what she wanted.

She had waited for a long time and put up with a lot of things just for something like this to happen.


  1. Will she remember that is the big question?
    And if she does how will Gong Aurangzeb respond?


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