Chapter 58: Evidence (Part 2)

T/N: I'll be honest. The last two chapters and the next few aren't my best work. I'm sorry, but I'm too tired to change them any more. ヽ(`Д´)ノ

“Come here. Now.” He repeated again narrowing his eyes when she did not move.

Xiaonian reminded herself that this was probably the last time she had to bend to him like this. She made her way over to him and stood by his side.

Her small delicate face looked at him and she told him excitedly, “that is my friend Tang Yi.”

When Gong Ouyang just looked at her expressionlessly, she explained, “She was the friend who was with me on Baja three years ago. She was my roommate.”

 Gong Ouyang’s face remained expressionless even after hearing that but Xiaonian did not give up, “she is the evidence, you’ll know the truth now,” she said her hand automatically holding his as if trying to share her enthusiasm.

Gong Ouyang holder palm and put in in the crook of his elbow and looked at the woman standing by the balcony.

When Tang Yi realized that the other person was Gong Ouyang her expression instantly paled and her eyes darted around in nervousness.

What was this?

How was Shi Xiaonian with Gong Ouyang? 

How was she to know that the man Xiaonian came with was Gong Ouyang!

Lin Dai who was watching them from a distance away immediately noticed Gong Ouyang and his eyes bulged with shock.

That girl was with such a high god! Why would she not tell him?

But, isn’t this a great opportunity for him?

Lin Dai, whose main prerogative was his business and money, hurried towards Tang yi and put a hand around her, “Haha Mr Gong, looks like these women know each other, they seem to want to talk with each other, why not we give them some time?” he suggested politely angling for an invitation.

Gong Ouayng dismissed the man who appeared in front of him suddenly and looked at Xuan Bai who quickly answered him.

“He’s Mr Lin Dai of the Lin corporation Mr Gong.”

Gong Ouyang nodded at Lin Dai, “You are right, join us for dinner” he said putting a hand around Xiaonian and steering her towards his table.

Xiaonian took a deep breath at this development. 

Thank god! Now she had a chance to talk to Tang Yi and make things clear once and for all.

“Yes, yes, let’s go” Lin Dai said almost obsequiously and followed after Gong Ouyang’s secretary.

Gong Ouyang had his own private dining area and once they got inside, the outside noises muted immediately.

Gong Ouyang sat at one end of the table pulling Xiaonian beside him and Lin Dai and Tang Yi sat opposite to them. Lin Dai looked jubilant at landing this opportunity but Tang Yi was clearly not sharing the same view as Lin Dai. Her face was still pale and she clenched and unclenched her fists continuously under the table.

As the dinner continued, the quiet was only punctured by Lin Dai’s enthusiastic quips and talk about his and NE’s business. Gong Ouyang ignored most of his talk and lazed back glancing at Xiaonian from time to time.

Xiaonian squirmed in her eat with pent up energy. She did not see Gong Ouyang glancing at her because she was busy sending quick peeks at Tang Yi. This continued for well over fifteen minutes before Gong Ouyang for fed up with the atmosphere in the room.

“You, get out,” he said in disdain at the fat man sitting before him. He did not want to continue this stupid pretense anymore. 

Lin Dai stuttered at this sudden command and sat still for a while in daze before he scrambled out after the secretary who led him out of the room and respectfully closed the door behind him and told some things to soothe the ruffled man.

Gong Ouyang secretary’s job was to keep contacts close at hand and even though his master dismissed people, he had to make sure to have a good working relation with everyone in the industry, and most people were more than willing to take anything from the master as long as they can share some shade under the big tree that was Gong Ouyang.

Once Lin Dai left the room, Tang Yi became even more visibly nervous. Her eyes darted quickly from Gong Ouyang to Xiaonian to the nearest exit.

Gong Ouyang did not say anything immediately, instead he looked at Xiaonian and waited for her to speak.

When Xiaonian realized this, she was relieved. Looks like the great tyrant was also willing to look at the evidence.

She immediately turned to Tang Yi and asked, “Tang Yi, that, three years ago we  worked here together and shared a room. Do you remember the last night?”

Tang Yi watched Xiaonian’s excited face, “Yes. Yes, I remember. You said that you were feeling unwell that day” she said not looking at anyone.

Xiaonian was slightly taken aback. “Ah, that’s right. I was slightly unwell and came back to room some 20 minutes earlier,” she said remembering her stomach ache that day.


“But, when you came back, I was in my bed all the night wasn’t I? I was in the upper bunk after all, there’s no way you could have missed.”

Hearing Xiaonian’s question, Tang Yi looked strange. She bit her lip and said in a low voice, “that, Xiaonian, by the time I came back from the work shift, I was tired and couldn’t really see anything in the dim room.”
Xiaonian suddenly felt muddled.


What dim room?

“But I was there by the morning and you should’ve have heard me come if I came back late at night, the door to our room was very creaky,” Xiaonian persisted in proving her side of the story.

Suddenly, the excitement at finding Tang Yi to be her ticket out of Gong Ouyang’s life seemed to ebbing away.

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  1. I think Tang Yi know something she seems nervous 😓

    1. She might be the one who drugged Gong Ouyang that night, but failed. In order to avoid suspicion, she dumped the blame on Xiaonian.

  2. I just wanted you to know that I really enjoy reading this and I anxiously check everyday to see if you've made a new chapter. Thank you for being so consistent and please keep it up!!! ��

    1. Dear reader,

      Thank you for your interest. I'm sorry I was not able to update last week. But, the releases should be on time for the foreseeable future. :)

  3. Your not-best- works are still amazing,so don't worry! Still waiting for the next chapters!

  4. Please continue translate this story. Love u work!


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