Chapter 59: Does he believe?

Gong Ouyang swirled the scotch in his glass as he lazily watched Xiaonian try to prove that she was indeed in the room by asking the woman sitting before them.

“What? Is this the evidence you wanted to show me?” he mocked her with an evil smile lingering on his lips.

He placed the glass down on the table and swept away her hair behind her ear almost gently. “Do you want to ask few more questions?” he asked her nonchalantly.

Xiaonian looked at him complicatedly. What does that mean?

“You knew that she won’t be able to provide any evidence?” she asked him suspiciously. 

This was too much of a coincidence.

Gong Ouyang looked at the suspicious look on Xiaonian’s little face and couldn’t help but laugh out loud. She was a very silly little girl after all.

He pulled her onto his lap and kissed her jaw without paying any attention to the other person sitting across them. When Xiaonian pushed him away, he simply let her but retained her on his lap with one hand.

He leaned back against the chair and explained to her, “You see, the reason we pinpointed you as the person on that night was because of a very valuable insider information provided by your friend here.”

Xiaonian pulled back to look at him with wide eyes. She quickly looked back to see Tang Yi who was now looking studiously down into her lap.


Tang Yi was that one who told them?

Her head was spinning with ridiculous thoughts but they all stopped when she realized something. She turned to Gong Ouyang and asked him, “So, you knew about Tang Yi before this?”

“Mm,” Gong Ouyang made a sound of agreement.

“”Then why did you wait until now to tell me! Couldn’t you have told me about this before?!” she exploded.

“Because,” he said, “you were too greedy for your freedom.”

What does that mean?

What does that mean, ah?!

Xiaonian felt on the verge of losing her patience. Was this man playing with her? Was she a toy for him?!

She fiercely looked at Gong ouyang who still held a slight smile on his face as if he found the whole thing entertaining and all of a sudden, her heart became cold.

 She was his entertainment.

For reasons she cannot understand, this man was interested in her tiny miserable life!

Gong Ouyang saw the ferocious look in her eyes dim and now her lip trembled a little as a layer of mist filler her beautiful eyes. A small part of his heart he himself did not know existed ached watching her miserable expression, but he quickly wiped off the thought and pressed her tightly into his chest.

What was there to feel bad about it?

“You, out,” he told Tang Yi and Tang Yi immediately rushed to her feet and scrambled away as if given an amnesty.

For the rest of the evening Xiaonian listless and quite to the extent that even Gong Ouyang noticed it. 

When they got back to their suite, Xiaonian removed her shoes and quickly walked towards the washroom but Gong Ouyang quickly caught her hand and pulled her back. “What? Unhappy?” he had the cheek to ask.

Xiaonian did not say anything but her eyes immediately filled with tears and the tears started dripping one after other. She stood before him with her head lowered and cried without making any noise.

Unlike a few days back, the tears on the back of his hand did not move him. Because he knew that she was crying for her failed attempt to escape him. Why would he sympathize with her for that?

He stood before her and watched her dainty little toes digging into the carpet and unbidden his thoughts turned to wanton.

With this woman, it was always like this. 

“Why? Why won’t you believe me? Hic..I really..hic…really did not drug you! Hic..hic..” Xiaonian cried. Why was the god so against her? 

Gong Ouyang raised his eyes at her sudden outburst. He did not answer her immediately, and instead pulled her into the bedroom after dismissing the staff.

After seating her on the sofa he said, “I believe that you did not drug me.”

Xiaonian immediately whipped her head up when she heard that.

Her cheeks were wet and red from her tears and there was a glimmer of hope in her eyes. “Really?”

Gong Ouyang moved to the closet and started taking off his clothes, “Yeah. I don’t think you did it.”

Xiaonian twisted her fingers in her dress and tentatively asked him, “Then…then, can we cancel the agreement? You know that I’m not involved in this.”

Gong Ouyang laughed at her question without turning around.

“Why would I do that?”

Xiaonian frowned in confusion. What doe that mean?

“B..but, you know that I’m innocent!”

“Mm, yeah. You seemed to have never seen this place and my team already gave a report that you are not lying in regards to this thing,” he said in agreement and went inside the live in closet to change.

Xiaonian waited for him to comeback and when he came back in black pajama pants, she continued, “So, I’m innocent right? Doesn’t that terminate our contract?”

That was it, right?

Gong Ouyang sat beside her and gathered her in his arms placing a kiss on her soft wet lips, “No,” he whispered against her lips, “we just established that you weren’t the one to drug me, that doesn’t mean you weren’t in my bed or that you didn’t have my child, hm?”

What in the god’s name was he talking about?


“Shh!” Gong Ouyang shushed her with a thumb on her lips, “just sleep for now, we’ll talk about this later.”

“But-” Xiaoniana was unreconciled.

“I said later,” Gong Ouyang covered her mouth with his hand and dragged her into the bed, “I had a long day today so just sleep now. Tomorrow, we will leave in the morning. Ugh, I want to eat something good already..” he mumbled and immediately fell asleep leaving Xiaonian to stare at him in frustration.

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  1. Can you pick this

    1. Looks interesting. I might, but it will take time. I would wait until I reached at least some 300 chapters in this novel before I think of starting a new project. :)

  2. Tnx for the chap!

  3. I doubt he even cares anymore, if she isn't the mother he'll just find the real mother and take the child making Xiaonian take care of the child. To him its probably best if she is the real mother but at this point he just wants her.

  4. He’s finally acting a little mature

  5. I have struggled finding this story /novel coz I first saw this in a manga version and because of too much excitement I can't help but find this. I am aching For an update kasi eh... Thank you miss translator.


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