Chapter 60: Xiaonian’s plans

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The next day early in the morning, Xiaonian and Gong Ouyang left Baja. Two cars drove to pick them up at the dock. Gong Ouyang and Xiaonian got into one while the bodyguards got into the other.

On the road, Gong Ouyang took some calls as usual and Xiaonian looked out the window at the changing sceneries.

When Gong Ouyang woke up in the morning he did not say anything about what happened yesterday or what he meant by those things they talked. She really wanted to ask him but she was too scared to rock the steady boat.

Xiaonian has been trying to think of what she could do to get herself out of this situation since yesterday. In the first place, she was an orphan who, even after fostering, had to rely on herself for livelihood. She was a coward in the face of adversity but she did not give up hope and was stubborn to fault. Otherwise, it would have been difficult for her to survive through the things she had faced in her life.

Late in the night she came to a conclusion- Gong Ouyang was interested in her. A lot. Feng De was right. She did not believe it at first, but after the last few weeks, there was now no doubt in her mind that he was indeed interested.

It might be a twisted sort, the kind a child has towards a unique toy, but it was there nonetheless. And she decided that she would do everything in her power to make him dislike her enough to throw her out.

Now that he knew that she didn’t drug him, he will eventually know, if he doesn’t already, that she doesn’t have his child either. So once he tires of her, she can go.

Yes. That’s what she decided she would do.

Xiaonian firmly pressed down the uneasy feeling that swam in her thoughts and focused on the plan she came up with last night.

When they got back to Tianzhi and it was already 10 in the morning and Gong Ouyang still hadn’t had his breakfast. Feng De offered to order from one of the best restaurants in the town but Gong Ouyang firmly refused.

He was tired of eating this nonsense food and he wanted to get Xiaonian to cook for him today.

  •     *       *

In the kitchen Xioanian cut the ingredients wondering how she could make this breakfast into a disaster.

He obviously liked her because of her cooking. If she cooked really bad food, won’t he hate it?

Making a mental fist, Xiaonian proceeded to add huge quantities of chills sauce to the omelette and an exaggerated amount of sugar in the juice.

She set the dishes on the table and dusted her hands off in satisfaction. Now she just had to wait for Gong Ouyang to come.

As soon as she thought that, she heard Gong Gong Ouyang’s footsteps followed by his low voice talking on the phone.

Take the name of devil and the devil is here, indeed.

When Gong Ouyang came to the kitchen, he saw Xiaonian in her cute pink apron waiting for him at the table.

Um, this is how his woman should be. Not bad.

He sat down at his table and started to polish off his food as usual. 

He drank the juice and ate his vegetables and when he took the first bite of the omelette he suddenly stopped.

Xiaonian who was watching him eat with anticipation saw his pause and celebrated a tiny victory in her heart.

Hah! The bastard deserves it!

Gong Ouyang frowned looking at the omelette on his plate, “it tastes different?” he asked.

“Ah? Different? I just made some changes today, you don’t like it?”

Gong Ouyang looked at the jade face before him and the omelette on the plate, “No, it isn’t too bad,” he said and ate the rest while still on the phone and left.


Was this person a human?

God, how was this even a human? Did you line his stomach with steel?

May be the chills sauce was mild?


Xiaonian took a bit of the omelette herself.


She quickly ran to spit it out and drank a bottle full of water.

That man was definitely not a human!


Later that night:

Gong Ouyang looked at the woman underneath him making weird faces at him.


“What’s wrong with your eyes?” he asked looking at her with a frown.


Xiaonian who decided to get Gong Ouyang to lose his interest in her came up with a list of things to do and one of them was cooking bad like what she did in the morning. And another, was to act like one of the women she saw at Senlin. He obviously despised them and if she acted like them, then he would stay away from her too, wouldn't he.

So she gathered all her courage and mustered up her acting skills and tried to act like a seductress, or at least her impression of what a seductress would act like.

When Gong Ouyang pushed her into the bed, instead of doing what she usually did, she batted her eyelids at him like the women on television and then he asked her what was wrong with her eyes.

Although she did not pride herself on her acting skills, that sentence really hurt!


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