Chapter 61: Taking her with him

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When Xiaonian woke up the next day, her was it was sore and everything hurt.

She persisted in acting like a wanton seductress and instead of repulsing Gong Ouyang she was kept awake early into the morning. 

She wanted to cry but had no tears.

She can already hear Gong Ouyang nagging about breakfast and with great effort she dragged herself out of the bed.

When she got into the kitchen, she got some fruits and vegetables from the refrigerator and started preparing a simple meal. She held off from making any more weird tasting dishes. If Gong Ouyang had the tongue of devil himself, what was the point in punishing herself.

“I was waiting for you to wake up for last half an hour!” Gong Ouyang declared in a loud voice.

Xiaonian shot him an angry glare and went back to making breakfast. Just something the arrogant man would say. What about her, the person who was tossed about all night long!

When Gong Ouyang saw that she was angry at him, he chuckled and hugged her from behind burying his nose in the crook of her neck.

“You shouldn’t have provoked me if you didn’t want to be this tired,” he said in whisper against her skin.

If she hadn’t spurred on him acting like a little siren, how could he lose himself to that extent.

Xiaonian wriggled out of his arms in a huff, moved her things to side and got back to her work. If she can’t retaliate verbally or physically against him, then she’ll just retaliate with her silence.

Most of the breakfast went in silence while Gong Ouyang devoured his food and Xiaonian tried her best to finish hers before he can get to hers.

When she was clearing the table, Gong Ouyang sipped his water and watched her move things to the kitchen washer. “You are coming with me today,” he announced abruptly.
Xiaonian stopped what she was doing and turned around, “What?”

“You are coming with me today?”


“Where am I coming?” she asked flabbergasted.

“To my company and wherever else I go,” Gong Ouyang said buttoning his coat. After yesterday night, he felt terribly insecure about keeping her away from him even for an hour.


“Becasue I said so,” Gong Ouyang snapped at her, “just get ready in 10 minutes or you could come just like that!”

Xiaonian frowned at him, “ work-”

“Get that stuff with you or something! Ask Feng De to take care of it. Ten minutes, ” he told her and walked away.

This crazy man is going to infuriate her to death one of these days!

In half an hour, Xiaonian was deposited in the sofa in a corner of Gong Ouyang’s office in NE building with her drawing tools.

Xuan Bai, the personal assistant and the secretary who was called Ze Chen were in the room discussing the day’s schedule with Gong Ouyang.

After she was shown the spot on the sofa she was conveniently ignored. Xiaonian watched them speak in business that she could not make head or tails of, and in minutes she propped up her board and started working silently in her corner.

For Xiaonian, this trip was far more useful than she expected. 

Great material on the office a rich CEO ah! She really is lucky this time, she celebrated silently in her heart.

  •     *       *

By 3 Pm in the afternoon Xiaonian decided that she celebrated too early as she sat in a car outside a high class restaurant waiting for Gong Ouyang.
This all started in the noon when she was unceremoniously dragged out by Gong Ouyang to a business lunch he had with some partners. But once they got to the restaurant he simply ordered her to stay in the car and wait for him while he walked into the restaurant with his PA and secretary.

And she had been waiting out here for him for the last two hours. Her stomach is already making protesting noises and rebelling against her missing her lunch.

When she couldn’t bear it anymore, she got out of the car to get herself something from a near by place to pad her stomach, but as soon as she opened the door, a bodyguard stepped in front of her holding off the door, “Miss, you are not allowed to leave the car until the master comes back,” he said stoutly.


Now she was prisoner in a car?

Looks like her living condition is just deteriorating at this rate. (┛◉Д◉)┛彡┻━┻ 

So she sat in the car griping about the world filled with mad men and tyrannical CEOs.

By the time Gong Ouyang came back another half an hour had quite passed.

“Here,” he threw a package at her and slid into the car.

Ah, this man has such good manner, Xiaonian thought sarcastically. But she opened the package nonetheless.

As soon as she opened it, fragrant aroma filled the car and made her drool. The smell of a five star restaurant was indeed different from the food you buy at ana ordinary place.

She refused to stand on ceremony and quickly picked up the spoon and started shoveling food into her mouth. 

But when she was about to put the second spoonful into her mouth, Gong Ouyang caught her hand and stopped her mid air looking at her with a frown.

Xiaonian really wanted to scream at him in anger.

A man should never come in between food and a hungry woman ah!
“Isn’ there something you should tell me before you eat?” he asked her strictly.


“Um..thank you for the food?” she said tentatively.

Once he heard her, he released his grip and leaned back into the seat and stretched his neck to the sides.


Really? he wanted to get thanks from her? Him? Who never thanked her for any of the meals she cooked?

There is definitely a special place in hell for this man, she thought savagely and the there was extra force in her bite as she chewed the meat.

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