Chapter 62: Never forgotten (Part 2)

Was he trying to comfort her?


He is Gong Ouyang, one of the richest man in the world. According to him, being his mistress might be a better choice than marrying an average person.

But everyone’s pursuit is not materialistic. And she was the kind of person who would be satisfied if she had enough to eat and afford a cover over her head as long as the other person loved her and treated her honorably.

But of course, she did not say it out loud.

She knew that he hated hearing anything that was contrary to his beliefs.

“Apart from a proper marriage, I can give you anything,” Gong Ouyang said slowly looking directly at her eyes.

This was the first time in his life he was making such a promise to a woman. 

“I know,” Xiaonian said lightly without any joy. She pushed his fingers away and continued cooking. The shrimp have turned a nice golden in the pan.

Gong Ouyang believed that she understood, and put his hands around her small waist, “it’s enough as long as you understand, just put effort into learning how to cook some dishes first. My parents are very picky eaters.”

After that, Gong Ouyang turned her around slightly and dropped a kiss on her lips.


Xiaonian stood in the same place while Gong Ouyang stepped back with his hands in his pockets and leisurely walked out of the kitchen, eyes deep with thoughts.


This woman originally wanted to get married. The marriage of Gong family member involves a lot of things and has always been decided by the elders of the family so as to maintain the prosperity of the Gong family from generation to generation.

He was born and raised in the Gong family so he naturally had no objections to such an arrangement.

But unfortunately, Shi Xiaonian was not born into a family with impeccable social standing in the world. Other wise, marrying her would not have be bad for him.

Immersed in his thoughts Gong Ouyang made his way into the dining hall and sat in a chair waiting for Xiaonian.

A moment later, Xiaonian came in holding two plates of dishes and served them on the table and went back in.

Gong Ouyang sat there staring at her movements.

When Xiaonian came and exited the dining hall she could feel his gaze sweeping over her again and again.

This gave her the illusion of being dissected.

It was too uncomfortable.

She did not know how to deal with it, so she ignored him and continued on about her things.

The dishes were all served on the table and she was seated, and Xiaonian did not look at him. When they picked up the chopsticks, Gong Ouyang immersed himself in eating but he still did not move his gaze away from her.

“Xiaonian,” he suddenly called her name.

“Uh” she murmured still bowing over her bowl.



What was he doing? She raised her face and looked at him in silence, his gaze was deep like the ocean and suddenly XIaonian felt suffocated and quickly turned her eyes away from him.

“Why are you calling my name?” she asked him looking down into her bowl.

“Just calling your name,” he replied casually, picking up vegetables from the pot.

“Why are you called Xiaonian?” he asked

Is he so idle now that he’s studying her name?

Xiaonian ignored him and continued eating.

“It means always in the thoughts, right?” Gong Ouyang guessed, his lips curving up in a smirk, “never forgotten.”

Never forgotten.

Xiaonian’s fingers trembled and a chop stick slipped from between her fingers and dropped messily beside her bowl.

She quickly picked up a napkin and cleaned up the area.

Xiaonian put the napkin aside and concentrated on eating her food, “who can’t be forgotten in this world?” she said looking up at him with an ironic smile.

During all her life, she has yet to meet someone who hasn’t forgotten her.

Her parents forgot about her when they left her at an orphanage, her foster parents forgot about her when Shi Yue was born, Mu Qian Chu forgot about her when he had a surgery, and her colleagues forgot about her when she was kidnapped by Gong Ouyang. 

She really had an interesting name.

“I wouldn’t forget about you,” Gong Ouyang said, his pitch black eyes staring at her. There wasn’t even a slight smile on his face t indicate that he was making fun of her.

Xiaonian returned his stare and looked at the man sitting before her and saying absurd things.

People, to whom she was supposed to mean something, forgot her. How would this man who played with her life according to his whims, someone who did not even consider her values or interests before arrogantly proposing to make her his mistress, not forget her?

Really, what a bad joke.

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  1. Awwwww.... My heart skipped a beat whet Gong Ouyang said " I wouldnt forget about you" to Xiaonian he's trying to be sweet on his own way.. Thank you for the chapters translator-san keep up the good work!!

  2. Urghhh. I cant
    I hate this guy. I want to see him suffer and regret when she leaves.


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