Chapter 63: Culinary classes

T/N: The volume of releases is low because the story is now becoming more garbled. It's taking more time than I expected to translate a chapter. o(╥﹏╥)o

For the next two days Gong Ouyang made Xiaonian accompany him to work until the weekend arrived.

Early in the morning, in TianZhi apartment’s dining room, Gong Ouayng was discussing about something he has never worried about inches life before.

“Master, according to my research, S city has one gourmet cooking classes conducted for the, ahem, upper class citizens. And if you wish to accompany Miss Shi, you can. The classes are strictly one on one so you will not be bothered and at the same time you can monitor Miss Shi’s progress,” Feng dutifully reported to Gong Ouyang.

“So, this is a date?”

“Yes master. This can be considered a date.”

Haring Feng De’s affirmation Gong Ouyang and Xiaonian had very different reactions.

Gong Ouyang showed interest while Xiaonian immediately shot it down.

“Can I not go?” she asked.

“You should!” Gong Ouayng immediately vetoed her choice.


“No,” Gong Ouyang said firmly.

After their conversation in the kitchen two days back, Gong Ouyang for the first time spent time on evaluating their relationship.

He knew that at this point, she was only staying with him because of the contract and if he wanted her to stay with time for a long time, he should make her fall in love with him.

All those women he had before proclaimed their love for him and refused leave his side, so as long as she fell in love with him, won’t she also be reluctant to leave his side?

His children should have their mother with them, so she had no other choice but to fall in love with him.

He glanced at the woman sitting in the chair across him with her head bowed and narrowed his eyes as he contemplated strategies to make her stay by his side.

“Women usually jump into my bed, you should consider yourself lucky that I’m spending so much time on you,” he said slowly looking at her.

“Can I not be so lucky?” she asked directly in a fit of anger.


Who did he think he was kidding?

When her words fell, Gong Ouyang’s face darkened immediately and he gripped her hand tightly until she squealed in pain.

“Next time I tell you something, just be a good girl and accept it hm? Don’t make me regret being lenient on you,” he said to her throwing away her arm as if it was contaminated.

If it wasn’t for the stupid clause in the contract, he would have made sure she experienced some pain for that snarky remark!

“Explain to her why she should be obedient,” he threw at Feng de and left the room in anger.


“Miss Shi, why dod you have to anger the young master? He is really being very patient with you,” the butler told her in soothing tones.

Xiaonian looked at him silently and did not speak.

Feng De sighed, “Miss Shi, why don’t you try going on a date with the young master? He is one of the most coveted bachelors in the whole world.”

Young master thinking about dating someone was already a huge progress and he really hoped that they could get along well together.

Xiaonian bit her lower lip in deep thought, “You are right Housekeeper De, Gong Ouyang is indeed one of the most desirable bachelor one could find, but we are not even.”

“Not even?”

“Yes. Gong Ouyang is the young master of one of the richest families in the world and I am an insignificant nobody who works more than 8 hours a day just to pay my monthly bills on time. I cannot afford to clim this big tree,” she said and stood up to leave.

“Miss, why don’t you just try it? You don’t have to immediately make a decision,” Feng De tried to convince her.

“Don’t want to,” Xiaonian shook her head firmly and left.

Dating was something you did to assess your compatibility for a marriage, for a future, but Gong Ouyang already made it clear that he won’t be marrying her. When a man already decided to treat you like a plaything, there was no use in playing those silly dating games.

Therefore, she will not even try it.

She is an abandoned child who never had any family security growing up. How can she allow herself to become a mistress where her children wouldn’t even be legally acknowledged? 

She would never do that.

  •     *       *

In the afternoon, Xiaonian was dragged to the gastronomic class.

It proved useless to try and resist and in the end she was carried to the car like a sack of tomatoes and dumped just like that in the back seat.

Xiaonian stood by Gong Ouyang in the luxurious kitchen as the tw teachers introduced themselves to her with excellent manners.

“Miss Shi, welcome to our class.”

Xiaonian nodded politely at them.

Gong Ouyang looked at the two elderly matrons and felt satisfied. The class offered two good looking men originally, which was a normal strategy to attract more females, but Feng De had strict orders from Gong Ouyang that no man, no matter what his age, should be allowed to teach her.

“Work hard and learn well,” Gong Ouyang told her with a trace of overbearing tone.

“I know.”

Learn well?

She does not want to learn ah!

Gong Ouyang walked to one side and sat down on a sofa next to the windows and sat back to watch over the class.

He did not know why, he was getting addicted to watching her.

She was a cowardly woman, but would get stubborn about the oddest things, and there were those myriad of expressions that passed on her face. He could watch her for hours and not be tired.

This was the first time he was feeling this way. His feeling were actually so strong that he consciously chose words when speaking with her usually. At least when she was not purposefully infuriating him.

  •       *          *

“Miss Shi, what do you know about the English cuisine?” one particularly kind looking instructor asked.

This class was usually something that was taken by young teenage girls, somas of the instructors have a soft touch in handling their pupils.

“Fried fish, potato chips, potato fries….um, that’s all?” Xiaonian stated honestly.

The instructors were taken aback at her lack of knowledge. Usually, their pupils come experienced, at least with the dishes. But with years of experience under their belts, they smiled gently and proceeded with their class.

A minute into their cooking class, Xiaonian burnt her first dish.

Instructors: “…..”

Gong Ouyang: “…..”

Ah, they have a long way to go with this pupil. (-_- ’)

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