Chapter 64: Their relationship

Xiaonian and Gong Ouyang stayed in the gastronomy class for another two hours. 

Xiaonian deliberately tried to sabotage her cooking and burnt or over spiced some dishes while she over cooked others. The instructors were near the end of their patience.

During this whole time, Gong Ouyang watched her every movement with fascination, and when the class came to the end, samples of Xiaonian’s cooking were presented to Gong Ouyang for tasting.

The instructors were quite apprehensive to let him taste such shoddy food after two hours of rigorous teaching, but Xiaonian was highly satisfied. She wanted to show him that she couldn’t even do something so simple. 

Think that I’m an incompetent fool and quickly lose interest in me, she prayed.

But both the instructors and Xiaonian were deeply shocked at what they saw next.

Gong Ouyang picked up each dish and tasted everything before him without blinking. On the contrary, he seemed rather satisfied.

Instructors: “…..”

Xiaonian: “……”

“How good do you think she is?” he asked the instructors, his eyes of lighting up with confidence.

The instructors honest words were stuck their throats.

How can they offend a big wig like Gong Ouyang?!

So, they opted for diplomacy.

“Yes Mr Gong, she is good,” one instructor said.

Gong Ouyang frowned at that. Good? This cooking was so delicious, how can it just be good.

The instructor quickly noted the frown and came forward with praises, “She’s actually very good Mr Gong, excellent.”

Gong Ouyang’s frown eased at that comment, “Hm.”

Xiaonian: “….”

She really want’s to know how this man’s brain works, ah!

“Then she’ll be attending here for the next two months. I want her to become  excellent by the end of this course. Looks like it wouldn’t be a problem,” he said with confidence shocking the two instructors.

Xiaonian looked at their faces and thought that she was slowly getting used to the madness of living with Gong Ouyang if these small things he says stopped affecting her to the extent of shocking her. (-_- )

Gong Ouyang and Xiaonian walked on the enclosed walkway towards their car, with Gong Ouyang in a happy mood and Xiaonian thoughtful.

Xiaonian felt that if he really did take her to meet his parents, they’ll just throw her out immediately without any explanation.

Ah ah, that is not bad at all if she can get rid him.

As she was immersed in her thoughts, the phone in her pocket vibrated continuously indicating a call. She stooped and took out her mobile phone.

Her mother?

“Hello mom,” she greeted as she picked up the call. She stepped away from Gong Ouyang and her voice was low.

“Xiaonian, where are you? I came by your rented apartment and they said that you already moved. Did you change your place?” Lu Rin’s voice on the other side sounded anxious.

Gong Ouyang saw Xiaonian walk away from him as she took a call. His lips thinned in displeasure thinking that she might want to keep something away from him.

He walked up to her and stood behind her shamelessly eavesdropped on her conversation.
When he wasn’t able to hear much, he simply picked up her empty hand and started with her fingers, slightly pinching the tip of each one.

“You are at my old apartment?” Xiaonian asked, and then quickly responded, “yeh, I changed my house, I’m sorry I didn’t tell you.”

Gong Ouyang felt the soft tips go in with the slightest exertion of force, fascinated he pulled her fingers up to his mouth and bit her middle finger, running his tongue over it after to soother the sting of the bite.

“Hnn!” Xiaonian involuntary shivered.

Gong Ouyang’s lips curled wickedly at her reaction and continued to bite one finger after another.

“What happened?” her mother asked when she heard her make a noise.

“Nothing,” Xiaonian quickly replied pulling her hand back, “Mom, are you still there?”

Gong Ouyang raised his eyebrow at her actions and watched her like a hawk after that.

“Yes, I’m here. Where do you live now? I want to meet you,” her mother said sounding worried.

Xiaonian can’t say TianZhi.

As she looked around, she saw that she was close to her rented house. She said, “I’mout side for some work, we can meet outside now.”

“Yes, yes, that sounds good.”

“I have to go meet my mother now, do you want to go back first?” Xiaonian asked Gong Ouayng putting her mobile phone away.

Gong Ouyang stared at her thinking for a few seconds and said, “Your mother? I want to meet her.”


“Why would you want to?”

“Because you are my woman now and we are together.”

“No,” Xiaonian rejected immediately, “Come on, you go to Tianzhi first. My mother is a housewife, you’ll be bored.”

Gong Ouyang stared at her gloomily, “you don’t want me to meet your family?”

She did the same thing on Yun island too.

She did not want anyone around her to know about him.

His excitement from the class suddenly cooled and his eyes looked gloomy, “why don’t you want me meet your parents?”

The evening sun cast an orange glow on them making them seem like painting.

“Why do you want to meet them?” she countered.

“Because I want to,” he retorted with arrogance, “and if I want to do something, I get it done.”

Xiaonian stood still before him looking deep into his eyes. She looked at him solemnly, “Gong Ouyang, can I ask one thing?”

“What?” he snapped.

“When you meet her, who are you going to explain our relationship to her?” 

She did not sound angry nor happy. She just maintained an air of solemnity around her.

“What do you mean?” Gong Ouyang frowned at her question.

“You clearly want her to know about our relationship, but what kind of relationship is that? I’m not your girlfriend. Everyone knows that you live in the high heavens and I’m just an ordinary person, and you said you can’t marry me. If you tell them we are living together, they will know that this relationship is not based on a dignified title.”

Gong Ouyang heard her and felt agitated, “what are you expecting then?!” he snapped at her.

Xiaonian looked at him silently.

“I’ll wait for you in the car!”

He immediately turned and walked away leaving her behind.

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  1. "what are you expecting then?" Shouldn't it be Xiaonian asking?
    Gong Ouyang ah tsk tsk if you want to keep Xiaonian a mistress then you'll be treated as one too😏 now taste that!

  2. Vroom vroom... Just waiting for that 1 fluff fluff chapter that will surely happen... Thanks for the chapter!

  3. Our master is so..... arghhhhh.... why are you so inconsiderate of her thought 😢

  4. It’s a good thing they had this little talk. Hopefully it’ll make him understand.

  5. How I wish he could understand her feelings


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