Chapter 66: A home

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Gong Ouyang threw the documents back at Lu Rin, “they are all signed, now get out.”

Lu Rin shuddered and quickly stood up. Not many people are able to take Gong Ouyang’s wrath when directed at them.

As she was about to go, Gong Ouyang stopped her, “Wait.”


“With this, there is no relationship between your family and Xiaonian?” he asked.

Lu Rin was taken aback at his familiar way of addressing Xiaonian. She secret peeked at Xiaonian, but her head was still down, “..yes.”

“Good. I just want to remind you now, in the future don’t come to Xiaonian for any help, understand?”


Lu Rin was not sure what help they would require from Xiaonian. “Naturally,” she told him. After breaking their ties, why would they ask anything.

“Mm. Get out then.”

Lu Rin was unable to say anything. She just turned around and walked away leaving the crying woman and the intimidating man behind.

Gong Ouyang watched her back as she left making plans to lay the foundation of the Shi family demise.

Last time, his woman came back with a bruised cheek after meeting them, and now she was crying after she met another one of them.

If he didn’t retaliate, how would they know whom to fear?

They should learn to look at the people behind before they bully someone.

“Stop crying,” he said Xiaonian, “is there any need to cry for scum like that?”

They obviously broke their relations with her, why was she sad about people like that?

He saw that Xiaonian did not seem as if she was going stop. Taking a deep breath, he got up and dragged the sobbing Xiaonian along with him out of the coffee shop.

Depositing her inside the car, he sat beside her and they were on their way to Tianzhi.

Leaning back on his seat, Gong Ouyang watched Xiaonian wiping her eyes with the already wet tissue.

He seldom saw her tears. Even when he forcefully kept her at Senlin, she did not cry like this, but now she was crying for something like a broken parent-child document. Was it really that important?

He felt irritated at the thought that she would deem something more important than him.

Xiaonian stopped crying only after another 10 minutes. By the time, her eyes were red rimmed, and her cheeks were suffused deep crimson.

“You are already an adult now, even if no one wants you, you can live on. What’s the use of crying like that?” Gong OUyang said derisively once he saw that she wasn’t crying anymore.

He did not like her looking so helpless. He rather she looked angry or stubborn like she usually did.


Xiaonian fell silent when she heard him say that.

After a long moment of silence, she looked into her lap and pinched the soggy and crumpled tissue paper, her mind elsewhere.

“I… I know I can live on,” she said in a whisper, “I am not surprised that this came to this either..”

“Then?” Gong Ouyang asked impatiently.

Xiaonian bit her lip and twisted the tissue into a ball, “it’s just…. it’s just that now that I’m not their daughter, I really am alone in every sense of the word. I … sniff…I really don’t have a home anymore…” fresh tears rolled down her cheeks and she immediately wiped them off with her sleeves.

At this moment, the last thing she was worried about was looking lady like.

Gong Ouyang furrowed his eyebrows at her, “there’s no need to cry over something like that,” he told her as he watched her trying to wipe away the tears on her cheeks, “in future, wherever I am will be your home.”

Xiaonian’s eyes widened in shock at his words as she whipped up her head to look at him.

“You have me as your backing, if someone brings trouble for you, you can get it directly to me, I’ll cleanup your mess.”


Gong Ouyang stared at her deeply, reaching out a hand to stroke her wet cheeks with a finger, he said expressionlessly, “If they don’t want you, it’s their problem. But I want you, and that should mean much more to you.”

Xiaonian’s throat tightened once more, but this time it was because she was told that someone was willing to give her a place called home.

She shouldn’t attach any importance to what he says, after all, he was the one who told her that she will stay with him but never in any legal capacity.

But just for this moment, she wanted to take his words at their value. She wanted to believe that she still had something called home somewhere. Not a place where she can live, but a place where there were people she could call her own. Someone  to whom it mattered that she was there.

“Mm…” she acquiesced.

Just for a little bit, she wanted to pretend that she still had people whom she could call her own.

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