Chapter 67: Settling score

T/N: My nephew turned 3 months old today. I also saw him pee on himself. (⊙_◎) Now, I worry for his future. Will he be all right?  (゜д゜)

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The next morning-  

Gong Ouyang’s hand searched inside the quilt until he found the soft body he was looking for. He pulled a sleepy Xiaonian under him and kissed her as one of his hand held her cheeks to keep her still.

Xiaonian tired from the emotional ordeal slept as soon as she hit the bed and had yet to wake up. Feeling the ticklish touch on her face she made to move away but something held her in place making her unable to turn away. Once she felt the grip slacken, she turned around sinking into the sheets and re-entering the dream land.


Gong Ouyang watched her dig deeper into the bed as soon as he let her go.

He played with her hair for a minute before he headed into the bathroom for a shower and walked out in a towel.

Since he started living in Tianzhi maids were prohibited from entering into his bedroom. Although it was slightly  inconvenient in the mornings, it was better than being interrupted during his morning rituals with Xiaonian.

When he got into the living room, Feng De was trimming a bonsai in the corner meticulously.

When he saw Gong Ouyang, he stopped his work, and bowed respectfully, “Master.”

Gong Ouyang buttoned his cuff links, “Shi family’s relationship with Xiaonian, I want a report on it,” he said without looking at Feng De.

Family relationship? Feng de was taken aback at his master’s request, but he immediately gathered himself and nodded, “Yes young master.”

Gong Ouyang sat in the sofa and picked up the business paper and went through the headlines, “when we investigated Xiaonian, why was there no mention about her relationship with her family?”

Feng De resumed his pruning as he answered his master, “Regarding that, Miss Shi was already living away from her family for years, so they did not think it had any bearing on the report. Also, they analyzed that her poor relationship with her family and her sister’s rise in stardom popularity might be the reason why Miss Shi might have resorted to drugging young master. They concluded that such behavior might have stemmed from her trying to climb up in the society to stand on equal footing with them.”

Gong Ouyang paused the page he was about to flip. Back then, he did not care much about her personal information, just the basics to help him coerce her. After all, these kind of things are usually taken care of by someone on the lower rung. If his own child was not involved, that might have been the case.

If he did not see Xiaonian with her foster mother yesterday, he wouldn’t have known anything.

Gong Ouyang closed the paper and put it back on the table, “about what I asked you a few days back, did we get a reply?”

“Yes master, a renowned psychologist says that there are two probabilities, one- Miss Shi is indeed telling the truth about not having a child and two- something happened that forced her to make herself believe that she did not have a child.”

Gong Ouyang lowered his eyes and tapped the sofa’s arms deep in thought.

“Fine. Call Ge jian and tell him that after he’s done with his current job, he can start on the Shi family,” he ordered, “and that sister, next time, I don’t want to hear that she’s still in the entertainment circle.”

Hearing such orders, Feng De held some misgivings, but in the end he nodded, “I understand master.”

Gong Ouyang was moving a family for Miss Shi, Feng De was not sure if this was good or bad.

Gong Ouyang picked up the paper once again as he leaned back comfortable into the sofa, “Also Feng De, throw away the plant you are pruning.”


“I wanted to see the flower bloom on the branch you just cut. It’s useless now.”

When it doesn’t conform to his expectations, what was the use in keeping it?

In another building in Tianzhi-

Shi Yue looked disbelievingly at her mother, “What? Sister and Gong Ouyang are together? Mom, are you sure you are not mistaken?”

“I’ve seen it with my own eyes, how can I be wrong, not to mention his behavior,” Lu Rin said holding the documents and sitting in a sofa.

“This girl is getting worse and worse. Actually daring to go after a person like Gong Ouyang,” Shi Zhong said condescendingly.  She was definitely aiming for him for his wealth.

Lu Rin frowned when she heard husbands that, “I saw that the person was extremely protective of Xiaonian, may be he is her boyfriend,” she said thoughtfully.

If Xiaonian had a stable boyfriend, she would feel much better.

“Mom, that is so funny,” Shi Yue said with disdain as she put a delicate pastry in her mouth. “Who is Gong Ouyang? There is rich and there is Gong Ouyang. He was raised as a part of the British aristocracy, someone like Xiaonian can be his girlfriend? He’s just using her to warm his bed.”

Gong Ouyang’s girlfriend? Shi Xiaonian, you will not have that life.

Listening to Shi Yue, Lu Rin stayed silent. Her silence indirectly showed her stance, that she really thought that Gong Ouyang was treating her as a temporary bed warmer.

Shi Zhong as the head of the Shi family stood with hands behind his back and after a moment said, “Now that the relationship between us is broken, Xiaonian’s promiscuity and vulgarity have nothing to do with us. It’s a good thing we cut our ties off before she could ruin our reputation. Let’s just send these documents to the court and be done with it.”

Shi Yue nodded with approval and said mockingly, “No wonder she left Mu Qian Chu alone. She claimed into the bed of a more influential person, she did not want someone with comparatively less money, Hmph! It’s such a joke when she’s just a bed warmer.”

“Ah Yue, You are talking about your sister, you should take care of your words,” a gentle voice sounded indifferently.

The three people in the room turned around to see Mu Qian Chu standing in the doorway. Shi Zhong immediately got up to greet him, “Ah, Mu Qian Chu, you are here,” even though he is his son in law, Mu Qian Chu was after all the only heir of the Mu family.

“What does that mean? You never spoke for Xiaonian before,” Shi Yue couldn’t control the disgust in her voice. A stupid girl like that who lived on her family’s charity, why was he worrying about a nobody like her?

“But then again, I never heard you family of three accuse a person behind her back like this,” he said mockingly. Until now, he had only ever heard 

“Those are facts! Do you think she’ll be considered good enough to be married by someone?” Shi Yue asked with a sneer.

“Oh. What about her do you think is so unmarriable?” Mu Qian Chu asked curiously.

“You…” She tried hard to maintain her expression from twisting in hatred. What? He thinks well of her now that she climbed on someone else’s bed?

Why does he make it sound like she’s no better than that little whore?

Suddenly Shi Yue clutched her stomach and doubled over, “Ah, it hurts…”

“Ah Yue, what’s wrong?” Shi Zhong and Lu Rin immediately got up to see what happened.

Shi Yue kept holding her stomach and looked at Mu Qian Chu standing away from her indifferently. Suddenly a bad feeling shot through her heart.

“Mu Qian Chu, she’s just an outsider. Why do you want to antagonize your pregnant wife for another woman?” Shi Zhong asked angrily.

“Shi Yue is carrying your child,” Lu Rin said.

“That’s right,” Shi Zhong continued, “we took care of you when you were young and Shi Yue personally helped you and now she’s even carrying your baby. That Xiaonian means nothing to us, and she even broke her relationship with our family, we can talk about her how we like, she is no daughter of our home!”

She was disowned?

Mu Qian Chu’s gaze swept over the table and stopped at the file left so conspicuously. The title above the document glared at him in bold letters.

They thoroughly removed Xiaonian from their family.

Well, it was actually good.

Mu Qian Chu looked at them coldly for another few seconds before he walked up to Shi Yue, “Sorry, I have been in a bad mood recently. Let’s go to the hospital to see if you are all right.”

Seeing Mu Qian Chu’s voice soften down, Shi Yue nestled in his arms and said softly, “it’s okay, as long as you stay with me..”

“Of course, I’ll stay with you,” Mu Qian Chu’s eyes did not soften even a smidgen as he made a promise and patted her on her back. 

As he supported her out of the house, his eyes frequently darted to the document on the table, an unfathomable look in his eyes.

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  2. I’m getting the feeling Mu got his memories back the night he married the sister , now he’s trying to find a way out of the mess he shoved himself into.

  3. Thank you for all of your hard work.

  4. Am I actually bad for hoping that Mu Qian Chu and Shi Yue to break up and have a fall down? Well I just want Shi Yue to taste her own medicine badly! Xiaonian is not a slut, Shi Yue is!

    1. Nope we all wish that. I don’t ship Mu Qian Chu with Xiaonian but I do want his relationship with her sister to end.

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    I also feel a scary scheme coming along with this hospital trip .... hopefully i overthink because a baby is innocent (if there is one?)


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