Chapter 74: Giving in (Part 2)

T/N: I'm planning on taking a vacation abroad this winter. Any suggestions? Please keep in mind that I'm kinda poor, so only affordable countries and destinations please. (✿◠‿◠)

P.s: Just realized that this release is sorta short. ಠ_ృ


Sighing inside her heart at the unfathomable emotions roiling inside her, Xiaonian looked sympathetically at Gong Ouyang.

A person’s kindness weighs a thousand times the hurt caused.

“Nothing to be worried about. It’s probably the change in the seasons. Summer’s have always been difficult for me.”

“Mm.” Gong Ouyang made an acknowledging sound and once again became silent. His fingers playing with hers slowly slowed down until they stopped completely.


He fell asleep?

Xiaonian eyes travelled from his thick eyelashes falling peacefully on his cheeks, to his chiseled jaw and followed the jawline to his adam’s apple slightly covered by his collar and tie. He looked burnt out.

He looked so defenseless that if she threw him out on the street, with his looks he probably would be kidnapped by women in minutes.

A small smile played on her face as she imagined the scenario of Gong Ouyang being kidnapped. The thought was so hilarious that it drove away the stressful thoughts she was harboring all day. Ah, she was definitely going to add that scenario in her comic.

At this moment, she just couldn’t make herself hate him.

Feeling sorry for him, she carefully adjusted herself on his lap and looked back to see if she woke him. Seeing that he did not wake up, she moved further and started to gently massage his head.

Gong Ouyang’s tense eyebrows slowly relaxed and he leaned further back into the sofa. A hint of tenderness flashed through Xiaonian’s eyes as she continued to rub his forehead. 

After a while, when Gong Ouyang looked completely relaxed, she moved back but was immediately fell on him as his hand snaked around her waist and tightened.

“Stay here,” he spoke softly as he cracked his eyes open. His face still had a hint of sleepiness and tiredness and his voice lacked his usual authority. Instead, he sounded like he was begging to be pampered.

“You look tired. Why don’t you have your dinner and get some sleep?”

Xiaonian’s voice was laced with gentleness and her eyes held a hint of smile in them as she looked at him.

Gong Ouyang’s mind was still blurry and inactive but he felt a moment of peace engulfing him at Xiaonian’s treatment. Subconsciously, he felt that things were perfect in that moment. Without even understanding why, he gently pulled her in and softly kissed her ear. “Don’t need dinner, just you,” he mumbled incoherently, hugging her tightly.

His hand habitually circled her delicate waist inside her shirt and kept her on him while he absentmindedly started peppering kisses on her neck.

The maids in the room made themselves scarce as they saw the scene and within seconds, the hall was empty but for the two.

Xiaonian’s words of protest were swallowed midway and soon she found her position reversed as Gong Ouyang switched her to the sofa and pressed her in. 

“The bedro-”

“Not necessary,” Gong Ouyang dismissed her suggestion as he nuzzled her cheek and dragged his lips along her jaw and lightly bit her ear.

Xiaonian exhaled a shivery breath and tried to hold her shirt down while another hand was pushing Gong Ouyang away.

Really, were all men like this? Just a moment before he was tired enough to fall asleep on the sofa.

Gong Ouyang stopped suddenly and exhaled with tired exasperation. He shifted his weight off from Xiaonian and stood up. 

Xiaonian was so surprised at this that she did not even register when he picked her off from the sofa and quickly walked to their bedroom.

Just now, did he stop that because she resisted?

Before Xiaonian could process the rare show of restraint from Gong Ouyang she was once again pressed down by him and played around for another hour before he fell into a deep slumber beside her.

Xiaonian stayed awake for another half an hour, her mind wandering back to the small show of giving in to her wishes. It probably did not even register in his memory, but for her it meant a great deal. For once, he respected her wishes and refrained from forcing her. 

Xiaonian slowly slipped into sleep not realizing that the usual discomfort she felt after their bedroom activities did not disturb her today.

Translator’s interview:

Translator: Hohoho, hello Mr Gong!

Gong Ouyang: ……..

Translator: I heard Xiaonian got a big diamond from you! Can our readers know when you bought it?

Gong Ouyang: (Appearing satisfied) Few days back.

Translator: Ooh! Did you choose the design?

Gong Ouyang: (Frowning slightly) The people who work for me have terrible taste.

Translator: Oh, so you chose it personally! How did you know her ring size?

Gong Ouyang: (Snorting condescendingly) Stuff like that, it’s easy.

Translator: You mean, you got Feng de to find out?

Gong Ouyang: ……Cheng Xi

Cheng Xi: (Intimidatingly approaches the translator)

Translator: இ_இ 


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  1. Ah i want to read more *frustrated kkkk

    They re getting close emotionally. Good things keep coming, i cant wait for the next chapter. Thank you so much for your hardwork!!! ❤❤

  2. Also I would recommend any place in Java island, Indonesia for you. You can search it online about the place hehe maybe in Yogyakarta or Malang. Have a beautiful trip for you!

    1. Noted in my little book. Thank you for your recommendation. :)

  3. Sadly I've watched the drama.and because I wasn't satisfied with it I'm still reading the the way the actors that played them are amazing and beautiful. And thank u again translator-san.

    1. Saya juga menonton dramanya. Dan saya masih ingin membaca novelnya....

    2. I did not think about people wanting to read the novel after watching the drama. May I suggest that you read the raws too. The MTL isn't so bad. And, it might be closer to the drama than this translation.

      This translator likes goofing around with the story, probably a good idea to give the MTL a try if you want a proper closure for your drama experience. ~(⊕⌢⊕)~

    3. You’re making me worried. What happens in the drama!?

  4. That character you used at the end is a letter from the language of Tamil, the mother of all languages

  5. This was soooooo sweet. I was completly immersed with this chapter...
    I hope for Xiaonian that it will stays this way hé hé hé :')

    Maybe you should go to Malaysia. I was told that it wasn't too expensive and that the beaches are beautiful there!!!

    Your devoted reader :')

  6. Thanks I will.its just that I didn't enjoy some parts of the drama probably bcoz I thought it would be a little fluffy but no so many ppl die.and what happens to both of them just breaks my heart.and the actors executed the characters perfectly after watching this drama I've become a fan of Chinese dramas.

    1. That is why we are changing things in translation. So people don't egg me. Mwahahahaha.

  7. That's y I'm thankful plz make it fluffy.😂😂😂I love u!!! And God bless u!!

  8. Peru is a nice place if you know where to go. The food is also amazing here. Ceviche, Lomo Saltado, Causa, Anticuchos, Salchipapa; the best!! and its cheap too! a full course in a local restaurant can go for 7-11 soles, which is like 2-3 dollars, drinks included. And the plates are humongous!
    Machu Pichu~

    1. Machu Pichu does sound rather tempting. Thank you for the suggestion DI Ci (I find the expenses quite tempting too).

  9. Hehehe, translator Tish and all the editors - I LOVE YOU 💕 I don’t mind the artistic license you take in translating since that is a core skill i imagine in making a literary translation (although I do feel a bit curious about some of the plot scenes cut out, must’ve been pretty gnarly if they were guaranteed to irritate readers). Thanks so much for your hardwork!

  10. Keep up the good work translator sama!


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