Chapter 75: Message (Part 2)

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Also, tomorrow there will be a post on the main characters and why they behave the way they do, and what I base my changes on. You can totally skip it or if you are interested, give it a glance. It might explain why Gong Ouyang behaves the way he does and why Xiaonian does what she does. 

“Come and see me in my office in an hour, I’ll set up a new one for you,” he told her as he casually walked past her wearing only his black pajama pants hanging low on his hips. His tousled hair added a sensual aspect to his looks but was lost on Xiaonian who was still looking at the place where her phone disappeared.  


After an hour, Xiaonian mumbled a hundred and one curses against Gong Ouyang as she made her way to his office. 

What was the use of a new phone ah? Her old one stayed with her through thick and thin, through comic beginnings and deadlines. How can he just replace something with so much history?

A small part of her brain reminded her that she was already considering replacing her phone, but she insisted on maintaining her victimhood in this case. Even if she was going to replace her phone, she wouldn’t have thrown away her old phone. She would have put it somewhere.

When she knocked on the door, no one answered so she knocked again. But even after the third knock no one answered. Thinking that Gong Ouyang was not in his office, she slowly cracked open the door and went in.

The big mahogany table set against the wall occupied most of the room and it’s rich wood color blended effortlessly against the beige walls. This office had to be modeled with in few days to accommodate Gong ouyang’s requirements. 

TianZhi was never meant to be a place where Gong Ouyang lived, but it soon turned out that he refused to live away from TianZhi and Xiaonian, so Feng De had to run and hire the best interior decorators on short notice.

Even though it was a short notice, the work of professionals easily showed through. Everything in this room was impeccably designed.

And against the table, in the leather chair sat Gong Ouyang with his head bowed low, his fingers flying over his keyboard and then he would occasionally pause before entering more. He had sleek headphone on his ears explaining why no one answered when Xiaonian knocked.

Xiaonian stood at the door for some time unwilling to disturb him. And only after another ten minutes Gong ouyang looked up and saw Xiaonian standing at the door watching him curiously.

A small smile appeared on his lips, his face lighting up with playfulness, “Here to steal company secrets?”

Xiaonian raised her eyebrows in surprise at his playfulness and scoffed mockingly, “As if I can steal your secrets and get out of Tianzhi safely with your secrets in my hands.”

The whole house is equipped with his people and there were more hidden bodyguards patrolling the area.

Gong Ouyang’s eyes narrowed as his smile deepened, “If the spy is you, then stealing from me isn’t difficult at all,” his gaze deepened as his smile took up hints of wickedness, “but because it’s you, secrets or no secrets, there is no escaping from Tianzhi.”

He had personally built this beautiful cage to keep her here, how can she so easily fly away.

Xiaonian folded her hands and scoffed, “You don’t have to remind me.”

Gong ouyang felt that his day had gotten considerably better with her reply. If she was coming to terms with her being kept here, then he didn’t have to restore to other methods to force her compliance.

He pulled out something out of the desk drawer and placed it on the table, “This is your new phone. Tt has the latest software and latest technology and is considerably better than the piece of junk you were using before.”

Xiaonian bristled at his description of her phone. It was old, but it worked just fine! There was absolutely no need for him to ridicule her phone just because he could afford the best.

Rich people!

Xianian briskly walked to the table and snatched the phone and went through it, trying to find something she was dissatisfied with. But, unfortunately for her, she knew nothing about the current technology and this phone even had the numbers of her friends fed into the contact list making it hard for her to find anything to nag about.

Gong Ouyang watched the emotions play on her face and understood what was going through her mind as if clearly written on a paper. He did not felt this amused for a long while.
“Like the new phone?” Gong ouyang asked when she did not say anything.

Xiaonian hesitated for a while before she said anything. “This phone, is this, something like the latest version?”

Gong Ouyang’s amusement deepened as he heard her ask a question with technical immaturity. “Mm, it is.”

Xiaonian placed the phone back on the table, “Then it would be very expensive right? I don’t think I can afford this.”

Gong Ouyang’s eyes moved to the diamond ring on her finger before they looked up at her.  

This woman, she was like a stubborn mule. He pushed her to accommodate him and then in a few days she forgot her lesson and reverted back to her old self.


He leaned back into his chair contemplating. She stood before him with a resolute look on her face, a small pout forming on her temptingly luscious lips. He felt his blood heat up. 

When the issue was not something he deeply care about, this stubborn look looked very appealing on her. It made him want to tame her in the comforts of a cozy bed. 

The computer screen before him flashed an alert message reminding him that his day was packed with meeting and things to take care of frustrating him. He had to work twice as hard these days to clean up some mess they inadvertently made with the release of sensitive information in the black market.

“You can work for me for a few days to pay it off,” he tried to compromise. 

“What kind of work?” Xiaonian asked suspiciously. 

“I have some documents to be taken care of, elementary level. Sorting and things like that.”

Xiaonian brightened after hearing that. “Okay.”

Gong Ouyang pushed the phone towards her. “You don’t have a phone now, so you can start using this one from now.”

Xiaonian hesitated, but hearing the reasonable argument, she picked up the phone but did not leave.

Gong Ouyang raised an eyebrow at her still standing there. This woman, who ran away from him at the first opportunity actually stayed back?

“Is there something you want?”

Xiaonian fidgeted a while before answering, “About the message you saw today. I am planning to go meet her today,” she informed him.

She can now leave whenever she wanted but for some reason, his reaction in the morning to Tang Yi’s message made her want to inform him about her decision to be on the safe side.

And sure enough, Gong Ouyang stalled for a bit and stared at her for long before he answered, “Mm. But, you know the drill, bodyguards with you all the times and phone switched on all the time and you have to be back home before 6.”

Xiaonian nodded immediately, thanked him and escaped the room in an instant leaving Gong ouyang alone with alert messages flashing on a computer and irate at her prompt fleeing tactics.

Was she a bunny?



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    1. Well Yuki San, our Xiaonian is sorta complicated. I completed a character explanation that I promised I would release last week, but will be released this week. I hope you read it and find some explanation for Xiaonian's behavior.

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    2. No, I haven't. After reading the novel, I daren't. Also, not a huge fan of 3d series. I'm all for 2D. Anime banzai!

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  9. Si ye han is much more better than gong ouyang. Gong ouyang is so unpredictable, short tempered and paranoid. First time i' ve encounter an ML who is a paranoid. Poor mc. Ye wanwan had a better life than xiaonan.


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