Chapter 76: Suspicions (Part 2)

T/N: Summer's hot. Winter's too cold. I just live for the gaps that exist between these seasons.


When Xiaonian did not say anything, Tang Yi glanced over her menu and looked back.

They did not talk until the waiter came in to take their order. Xiaonian ordered a regular coffee and Tang Yi ordered a very expensive wine bottle that cost tens of thousands making Xiaonian surprised.

How rich was she?

Soon, the waiter came back with dishes and Tang Yi’s wine bottle while they were making small talk about this and that.

The waiter placed a small bowl of soup and salad and some side dishes before her. Xiaonian looked at him in confusion. When did she order these?

The waiter understood her confusion and answered her, “Madam, I was instructed to provide this meal to you by my supervisor and they also asked me to tell you that the bill for this room will be footed by Mr Gong, so there’s no need for madam to pay, ” he bowed and left the room leaving the two women alone.

A look of jealousy shot across Tang Yi’s face before it was wiped clean and replaced with a happy expression.

“Wow, Xiaonian, Mr Gong must really like you to be do generous with you. Getting this private room in Nine clouds is no easy matter you know.”

Xiaonian forced herself to squeeze out a smile and stayed silent. Tang Yi who observed this poured herself a glass of wine from the bottle and took a sip. “Tell me, how did you meet Gong Ouyang? It doesn’t look like you guys know each other since just recently.” 

Xiaonian hesitated at the line of questioning. But she too had ulterior motives in meeting up with Tang Yi, so she decided to volunteer some truths to get some information.

She sat back in the chair and looking solemn, narrated a vague story of how Gong Ouyang mistook her for the woman who tricked him into sleeping with her on Baja cruise 3 years ago.

Tang Yi looked at her in wide eyed surprise. “Really? So now he is keeping you with him to get to the bottom of the truth?”

“Something like that.”

“Wow. That is really insane. I just had to tell them what i know because they were intimidating you know. It was not my intention to cause you any trouble Xiaonian.”

Xiaonian squirmed in her seat. “Yeah. I know.”

“I’m so glad you believe me. you were the only one for me back then you know,” Tang Yi said finishing the last drop of wine of her fourth glass and pouring herself another one.

“The university was filled with snobs and arrogant rich people, it was hard to adjust and make friends there, so I’m really glad that you were there for me Xiaonian. I want you to know that.”

Her voice started to slur slowly but Tang Yi kept drinking despite Xiaonian’s objections. Xiaonian could only helplessly watch as the wine in the bottle disappeared.

Tang Yi  started reminiscing about their college days and for some time even Xiaonian was lost in the nostalgia of simpler times.

As Tang Yi became more and more unfocused, Xiaonian decided to call it a day and tried to help Tang Yi to her car. A driver drove her car to the front and as Xiaonian was helping her in, Tang Yi suddenly held her hand tightly and leaned in and whispered, “Xiao..nian, you, you be careful of your shister…she, she is a vi..vile woman. Be care..ful of ‘er, kay?…very”

Xiaonian froze on the spot as she heard those words. What did she mean?

She stood still even after Tang Yi’s car drove away leaving her standing alone. Her mind was miles away thinking about the bizarre warning.

Why did she get the topic of Shi Yue? As far as she knew Tang Yi did not know Shi Yue very well, but the way she talked, it sounded like she had personal experience with something?

Furrowing her eyebrows, she only moved when the bodyguards got the car around. Numbly getting into the car, she stayed immersed on her car even after they reached TianZhi.

When she reached for the elevator button, she saw Shi Yue walking slowly and turned around quickly her heart racing a mile a minute.

What a weird coincidence, seeing Shi Yue at this part of TianZhi after Tang Yi warned her about her.

When Xiaonian reached the apartment, she quickly went into her study and buried herself in work. Only after hours, did she finally decide that perhaps tang Yi didn’t know what she was talking about. After all, she was drunk. And, Shi Yue did live in TianZhi,although seeing her in this part was unusual, it could be that she had some friends here. That was not strange.

Xiaonian breathed out in relief.

Her life was strange as it is. She did not want to conjure up more ridiculous scenarios and mess up her head. 

Scanning the last piece of her drawing into the computer, she sent the mail to her editor and collapsed into her chair with exhaustion.


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  2. Gracias por la traducción, también me alegro que estés bien, gracias por tu esfuerzo en esta novela, estaré esperando tu siguiente publicación con ansias.
    (Para aquel que me pregunto el motivo de porque escribí en español, fue como un apoyo hacia la persona que traduce, y mostrarle que tiene lectores en Latinoamérica especialmente desde Colombia. Que tengas un excelente día.)

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  4. Thank you for translating this novel..the mystery plot thicken.

  5. I waiting so long for this novel

  6. I though xiaonan had a long lost twin sister that's why ouyang had 'mistaken' her.

    I think shi yue, planned to destroy her back then, she did but it was ouyang that was the man with her... right?

    1. Dear reader, you have an excellent mind for plot strategy. May I borrow you when I start writing my own story?

    2. Same thoughts here! Shi Yue planned to disgrace Xiaonian with another dirty man by conniving with Tang Yi but somehow ended up with Gong Ouyang but where did this "missing child"-situation come from?

    3. It's just like hidden marriage. after reading a couple of ceo stories, i've figured it out! haha.

  7. Thank you for the chapter..

  8. I think Shi Yue might have been pregnant with someone's kid (maybe she slept with Gong Ouyang without knowing his identity) and delivered the baby under the name of Xiaonan, end it ended up causing this confusion.

  9. I have a bad thing about tang yu,, maybe she have a bad plan fot xionian😒😒

  10. I don’t trust tang Yi and I also feel like her sister is plotting something because she thinks Xiaonian is responsible for what’s happening between her and her husband.

  11. And yes I feel you dear translator. I also love for those days when the weather is mild neither too hot nor too, they’re the best.


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