Chapter 78: Eavesdropping

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Xia Yu, Xiaonian agrees, is a good and friendly editor on most days.

With her cute face, and hip hairstyle, she could almost be passed for a normal human being. But anyone in the field of creative works knows that the editors of romance stories geared towards young women are generally loopy.

And this is true in the case of Xia Yu more than anyone. 

Xiaonian had 2 editors before Xia Yu. Both weird in their own capacity, but Xia Yu, she was the weirdest when it comes to her duties. Xiaonian bravely mentioned this to her in the spirit of friendship after she downed two bottles of beer during a new year’s festival. But, Xia Yu stubbornly maintained that her ‘weirdness’ is what makes her a good editor and sadly for Xiaonian, her company agrees.

“Xia Yu!” Xiaonian’s face reddened in embarrassment as she heard another on of Xia Yu’s outrageously obscene scene she wanted to incorporate in the comic book.

“Aiyoo! Don’t be such a prude Xiaonian, you’ve done smut scenes like this before remember?”

Xiaonian bristled in indignation.

When had she ever done that? Wasn’t she always being forced by this demon editor to make those erotic changes!

Ah, she really wanted to sit and cry at her fate. Where was the dreamed comic about history? All she drew so far was men pushing down women or women pushing down men and both were embarrassing!

Xiaonian pinched her nose bridge as she closed her eyes and took in a deep breath to calm herself down. 

Calm down. Calm down.

“Xia Yu,” she started again patiently, “there is no need to make the president push down this woman, is there? He is supposed to be a germaphobe. He wouldn’t want to touch her.”

Xia Yu laughed like a wild hippie, “Oh Pooh! This series is getting very famous and we have to give our readers some yummy erotic scene, they’ll fall over themselves and drown in their nosebleeds. I’m telling you Xiaonian, this thing will be amazing, but you definitely have to add that scene!”


“No buts. Write some scenarios and send it over so I can go over them. We have to do this Xiaonian. This days, there are no modest women. They all want to see a weird good looking man doing naught things to his lady love. The polls agree with me, and look at other comics. It’s practically a sin if you don’t do that.”

Xiaonian went speechless at such enthusiastic peddling. 


“Good! I knew you would always deliver Xiaonian! We have to show that first team that we are no pushovers, and by the end of this years, you and I will be Team 1 in this office!” 

Xiaonian’s heart hurt at her optimism. But she did not have the heart to pour water on Xia Yu’s dreams.

“Okay. But, I’ll need some time,” she managed weakly.

“Okay, okay. No problem. We have two weeks worth of time. You just concentrate on your story line and I’ll take of everything else for you. Bye.” She hung up breezily without letting Xiaonian say another word.

The queen of weirdness has given an order but she had no idea on how to properly write a romantic and erotic scene between the president and his lady love.

Her main aim was for the character to humiliate himself over and over again despite his high specs, but as the story progressed, Xiaonian fell in love with her characters and she wanted to write a justifiable story for them.

Pushing away the myriad art tools before her, Xiaonian got up from her chair in her study and proceeded to clean up her work for the time being. 

Inspiration was something for which she had to struggle. Usually she would go out on a walk or go to a nearby coffee shop or a internet cafe to see the people around her and gain some inspiration. But she can’t do that here. She would just stick out like a sore thumb or worse yet, scare some residents into thinking that some fan is stalking her favorite celebrities.

But recently she found a small enclosed garden behind their building that was relatively secluded. There was small bench in one corner that made her invisible to all others but allowed her to watch the oncoming traffic into TianZhi. 

Picking up a small notebook to jot down her ideas, she made her way to the garden.

Finding her usual shaded spot she sat down and closed her eyes. She could hear the chirping of the birds and the light sounds of engines growling now and then. She began to think about a good way for the characters to get into a romantic situation. 

Each idea seemed worse than the last.

She randomly scribbled some ideas for patio and gardens wen she heard a familiar voice from nearby making her freeze.

“ Miss Shi, this charade can’t be held up for more than two months now. After that, Master Mu will definitely be able to tell that there are no changes in your stomach and become suspicious.”

“You don’t have tell me!” Shi Yue snapped at her assistant Wen Yan.

Silence followed this conversation as Xiaonian sat frozen in her spot.

What did that conversation just mean?

But before she could make heads or tails of it, she heard something else that wiped her thoughts about Shi Yue’s pregnancy.

“Wen Yan, why is Tang Yi still in China? Did we not agree that she should stay abroad?”

“Yes ma’m but she keeps trying to dodge my questions every time I call her.”

“Hmph! I will personally talk to her myself. This cannot go on. She cannot stay in China anymore.”

The sound of footsteps seemed to be moving away along with the voices leaving Xiaonian shocked.

Shi Yue knew Tang Yi personally?

And she did not want Tang Yi to stay in this country anymore?

When Tang Yi mentioned to be careful of Shi Yue, she discarded any care thinking it was just the alcohol talking, but it seemed like there was more to it than she realized.

And, Shi Yue was not really pregnant?

What was going on?

Closing the book in her hand, Xiaonian swiftly walked away from the garden back to her apartment lost in thoughts about the conversation she just heard.


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