Chapter 33: An unexpected gift? (Part 2)

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“Your place is shabby and broken! there is no mood to sleep here. I’ll give you a place and you can move” he said shaking the water off of his hair and walked steadily towards her.

“Move to what place….ah-?”

Xiaonian did not finish before she was caught by the hand and dragged out of the house by Gong Ouyang. He stopped in the middle to grab his shirt and headed out with her.

When they got out of the apartment, Gong Ouyang pushed her into the back seat of the car and climbed in after her. The body guards who followed them got into the front and soon they were off.

Xiaonian still felt dumbfounded by the way things were going. what was happening?

She wanted to ask Gong Ouyang but he was already on the phone and was giving out strings of order. By the time they reached their destination, wherever it was, he made a total of 3 phone calls about some documents and deliveries.

When she got down, she was in front of a huge real estate that looked so beautiful and expensive that she felt guilty just standing there.

Feng De was there waiting for them. He had a file in his hands and he handed it to her as soon as he saw her. 
By this point Xiaonian developed a healthy dose of aversion to files that came from Gong Ouyang or his staff. Cautiously she opened the file and the bold name on the form ‘Tianzhi’ shocked her!

Tianzhi was their country’s most expensive communities! She could sell all of her body parts and still not be able to afford a single closet in this place. 

But the what was written below that title shocked her even more. This was a deed title, written in her name. It named her as the owner of one of the most expensive apartment in this community. Her hands shook after reading that.

She stood still before the building, still reeling from shock. 

“What are you still looking at?” Gong Ouyang pulled the file off her hands and gave it a cursory glance before throwing it in Feng De’s hands.

He grabbed her hand again and took her into the building towards an elevator. When they got before the elevator  Gong Ouyang saw that Xiaonian was still shocked. He bent down to ear and whispered, “If you are greatful, you can kneel down and thank me properly.”

Hearing those words, Xiaonian woke up quickly from her shock. Looking at Gong Ouyang she said indifferently, “Isn’t it’s sole purpose for your convenience? Why should I move?”

Hearing er say that Gong Ouyang looked at her in displeasure, “DO you want to go back and live at my place?”


Back to his place? That castle like huge building with forests?

As soon as she thought of the place, she shivered. 

Apart from the painful memories at that place, she also remembered the number of girls like Xie Linlin who walked around to serve Gong Ouyang, like a harem. 

She definitely did not want to go to a place like that.

“What do you say?” Gong Ouyang asked coldly.

He understood her personality. She hated being kept a prisoner in that place.

“Thank you for the gift Mr Gong” she said bleakly and squeezed a smile.

“Good” he praised her by her ear and nipped it before he stood straight again.

“Master, the apartment is already renovated and the Miss can move any time. When should we handle the moving?” Feng De came and asked politely.

Can move immediately?

“Then, make the move tomorrow.”


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Tonight, he had more important things to do.

The elevator door opened and Gong Ouyang pulled Xiaonian in and closed the door.

“Let me go!” she yelled when he used his both hands to pull her up by her waist and pinned her to the wall of the elevator.

She was living person, not an object!

Gong Ouyang ignored her and pressed his body against hers stopping her from sliding down.

“Let me down” she said again, softly.

“Shut up.”

He had no intention of letting her go tonight.

When the elevator door was just about to close, she thought she saw a figure that looked very like Mu Qian Chu. And her thoughts immediately stayed and her struggles ceased.

Mu Qian Chu?

As she turned her head again for a better look, the doors closed Gong Ouyang bit her chin, “What are you thinking about?” he said looking closely at her face.

“Nothing” Xiaonian shook her head immediately. Her face bowed low and her long eyelashes fluttered as she softly tried to move his hands off her waist. 

The whole of her person at this minute could hook any person. He delicate face, silky hair and there soft touch. Gong Ouyang stood there, watching her deeply as she unsuccessfully tried to extricate herself.

He suddenly grabbed her face by the jaw and forced her to look up and kissed her.

Xiaonian opened her eyes wide and tried to move her face away but his hand easily restrained her.

He pressed her tightly against the elevator, his teeth nipping at her lips until she opened her lips. Her moth tasted sweet like the desserts she made. It was addicting.

With every passing second, Gong Ouyang became more and more aggressive, his breath became heavier and rough.

Xiaonian felt the changes in his body and held herself stiffly without making any movement.

He was crazy! 

This was an elevator and there were surveillance cameras.

Her lips were locked and she couldn’t speak, and her hands were held in a tight grip. In desperation, she raised her foot and stomped on his leather shoes.

Gong Ouyang quickly released her and looked at his foot where she stomped on him. He looked at her with an evil grin, as if her actions provoked him instead of making him angry. 

Xiaonian was more scared by this reaction than his anger.

The elevator door opened again when they reached the 12th floor.

Gong Ouyang grabbed her neck lightly, and said in a low voice, :Shi Xiaonian, you already signed the contract for this. You are now my woman, you shouldn’t still be playing these silly games of chase with me, hm?”

Xiaonian quickly said in a taunting voice, “I did agree to be your woman, but nowhere was it mentioned that I had to do things in front of everyone?” she said pointing to the cameras in the corner.

Gong Ouyang looked in the direction she pointed at and slowly released his hold on her fragile neck.


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