Chapter 38: Take the initiative (part 3)

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“Mr. Gong. Um..that, do you have any information on Tang Yi yet?” she asked to alleviate her anxiety. Any step towards Tang Yi’s contact information, is a step away from Gong Ouyang.

“Not yet” Gong Ouyang put a mushroom in his mouth.

“Oh” Xiaonian nodded, her disappointment apparent on her fair face.

Her appetite suddenly went away and she felt her heart becoming heavy. She twisted her fingers together, trying to distract herself from the disappointing new.

Oh..she had to tell him about the wedding she had to attend..

“Um..Mr. Gong, I.. I have something to ask you,” she bent her head down avoiding his eyes, “I have to attend a family wedding, so I have to stay away…”

“No!” Gong Ouyang snapped without even letting her complete the sentence.

Xiaonian jumped slightly in her seat. 

In the past few weeks, she more or less understood him. When he was in a good mood, it was okay to push his boundaries a little, or to have little harmless arguments with him. But, when he is in a bad mood, she learnt to stay compliant. Anything else, provoked him to violence.

Gong Ouyang saw her expression change. Her beautiful eyes were concealed behind her thick eyelashes that trembled. Her body became tense and she stared straight down refusing to make any eye contact with him. 

It irritated him. He wanted to be able to see her gorgeous eyes directed at him.

Stifling his mood, he asked, “where?”

Xiaonian immediately looked up. Her eyes held slight disbelief in them and her mouth parted slightly in surprise.

She was still in the midst of her meal, and may be because of the oil, her lips looks shiny, as if inviting him to taste them. Perhaps they would be more delicious than her cooking?

Xiaonian immediately told him the address before he decided to change his decision. 

“I’ll make a lot of delicious dishes for you to eat before I go” she promised him. She would make all his favorite dishes.

Gong Ouyang put down his chop sticks and looked at her, his eyes darkened and his lips hooked in a devilish smile. Her lips really were very tempting.

“I don’t want them.”

“Ah?” Xiaonian was surprised.

“I want to eat you.”

“Ah?” she could only repeat again.

“Let me eat you, and I’ll let you go to this whatever wedding. What do you say?” His eyes looked evil enough to swallow people.

Xiaonian stared at him uncomfortably. Why ask that? They are in a relationship were all he has to do is hook his finger and she was obliged to follow.

“…okay?” she agreed. She was still confused, but at least like this, she can attend the wedding.

It has been weeks since she started this kind of relationship with Gong Ouyang, and even though morally she was against this arrangement between them, she was left with no choice in the matter and she gradually adjusted to this life. After frequently being pushed down by Gong Ouyang, she could hardly act like an outraged maiden at this point.

Gong Ouyang looked at her confusion and then easy acquiescence to his demand. His smile spread further. He leaned back into the chair and looked at her, “But, you must take the initiative. With sincerity of course. If you don’t measure up, you can forget about the wedding.”

Xiaonian stiffened.

While she did not put up any resistance when he did whatever he wanted with her, she had never actually taken the initiative to get closer to him in bed. 

Infant, she doesn’t even know how that can be done!

She twisted the bottom of her shirt with her thumb, rooted to the floor.

She was not quite sure what she should do.

“I’m going to count to three” Gong Ouyang said evilly. He clearly was having fun watching her squirm under his gaze.

“And don’t forget, it has to be to my satisfaction, other wise the deal is off.”

“Now, let’s start. One..”


Before he counted three, Xiaonian broke into a run towards him and hugged him tightly. Only, she did not calculate her momentum and in a second, both her and Gong Ouyang crashed on the floor splendidly in the chair.

Gong Ouyang experienced countless lights in his eyes before he got back his bearing.


Was this supposed to be seduction?

This woman….wasn’t her skill pathetic?

Xiaonian did not know what he was thinking. She was slightly upset at the fall, but she kept thinking on taking the initiative. 

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Hugging is a good beginning, but there should be more to it right?

She clung tightly to him with her and Gong Ouyang who wanted to say something scathing to her became silent when he felt her soft body pressing against him in all the right places.

Forget it. This felt good.

He watched her as she raised her head, looked very briefly at him and moved her gaze to his lips. Then she got closer to him. 

Her inexperience showed through when she stuck out her lips and kissed his lips.

Gong Ouyang’s heart suddenly stopped. He felt like he encountered a drought and was longing for water.

He remained motionless and Xiaonian moved her lips against his with inexperience.

Although they have been together a lot, every time they were in bed, it was a siege and Gong Ouyang plundered her mouth and body without restraint. She never experienced a gentle kiss from him and he never thought to let her experience one. 

Xiaonian felt Gong Ouyang lying beneath her motionlessly. She pressed her lips harder against his, but he still didn’t respond. Disappointed, she wanted to pull back and do something else, but as soon as she moved her body away from his, Gong Ouyang’s hands wrapped around her body pulling her into his. One hand trailed up her head and pushed it down as he caught her lips and nipped sharply. As soon as she opened her mouth in pain, his tongue plunged in, sweeping her up in a fiery kiss. 

Xiaonian moaned in pain as he tightened his hand around her delicate waist, and the sound spurred him to be rougher with her. He no longer cared about the deal, his mouth demanded that she hand over the sweetness of her mouth and when she tried to resist the intensity, his kiss became crazy, biting her lips until they broke.

Xiaonian started counting numbers to slowly calm herself and willed her body to become compliant to the man’s demands. Letting him do what he wants was the best way to calm him down.

Within minutes, she was flipped and Gong Ouyang bowed over her. There was clear dissatisfaction in his eyes. He bent low and nipped sharply under her early and lifted her speedily by her waist and carried her to the bedroom.

And the night was very long.



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