Chapter 39: The wedding (Part 1)

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On the morning of the day before Shi Yue’s wedding, Xiaonian felt much calmer than she had felt in many days. 

She cannot bring assistants to this place to help her, so she had to draw and redraw all the panel and organize them by herself. And most of her days flew by before she knew it.

After her shower, she opened her closet full of feminine clothes. After the incident at the porcelain gallery, her closet miraculously expanded overnight. Her original clothes were pushed aside to a meager corner and a huge number of designer wear dominated the space. She did not even hear about the label names, but Feng De assured her that they were best quality today’s fashion industry had to afford.

On front of all was a beautiful dress that was brought to her two days back for the wedding. While she appreciated the generosity, she was unsure if she should wear such an expensive clothing. Wouldn’t people speculate on how she was able to afford it?

But she did not have any suitable dress that was appropriate for such an expensive wedding. So after hours of deliberation, she chose to wear the dress. After all, they  could assume that she bought a knock off, and with what she earns, they wouldn’t be wrong.


In the last few days, the local news channel was covering Shi Yue and Mu Qian Chu’s wedding arrangements and raving about the place they will be holding the wedding ceremony in.

Yunshang island was an expensive spot for the richest and boasted high quality relaxing holiday experience. The place was covered in mist all year round and gave it a magical quality and was lauded the perfect place to host a romantic wedding. But the extremely high price tag that followed it was something that could only be afforded by a few.

Xiaonian took out a knee length pale pink dress from the closet. It was made of silk and net, cinching at the waist and flowing down in layers around her legs. When she walked, it reminded people of a fresh pale pink flower that drooped its petals.

She packed the rest of her necessities and clothes in a small bag. 

When she came out, she saw Gong Ouyang sitting on the leather sofa in the hall. He was staring at his mobile phone without any expression on his handsome face.

“Mr. Gong, I’ll be heading out now” she said.

“Get out” he told her without even looking at her. His finger slid on his phone screen with concentration.

He collected his fee from her every night since that day, so what reason did he have to not let her go out.


Xiaonian did not even feel angry at him anymore. He had this rotten attitude towards everyone. She said nothing and carrying her bag she walked to the door.

He was very difficult to get along with she told herself again and moved along.

As soon as she left the house, Gong Ouyang slammed the phone in hands at the nearest wall. “How is the system optimized? How come I can’t see any difference? It’s nothing different from the old version!” he declared unhappily.


Feng de stood by the side, with his head bowed and said nothing.

“Take that garbage back and ask them to re-do it!” he ordered Feng de and left the room and headed to the gym.

“Yes, young master” Feng De said. He couldn’t help but remember that just yesterday, the young master approved the final product, how did it suddenly become trash?

10 minutes later, in the fitness room, Gong Ouyang was once again dissatisfied with something. This time,  the gym equipment. 

“What kind of equipment is this?” he asked one staff unhappily.

“Change these!”

“Yes sir! We will have new equipment ready by tomorrow” the staff member assured promptly.

When Feng De was notified of the changes to be made in the gym, he sighed. His young master was in a really bad mood today.

It was not going to be easy to remind him about his schedule right now. 

After half an hour, in the kitchen, Gong Ouyang was in the middle of throwing another temper tantrum.

He spit out the cake as soon as he bit it, his brows furrowed in displeasure. “What is this?”


Feng De could hardly tell his master that one of the best Gong family’s chef made this pastry when he was in this mood.

“I don’t want to taste anything this chef made, ever again!”

“Yes master” Feng De quickly nodded.

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He hesitated for a moment, but stepped forward, “master, Miss Shi is escorted safely to the company of her younger sister’s group”. He sneaked a look to see how his young master reacted. His young master still looked lazy, but his eyes sharpened.

“Hm” he acknowledged the information.

Seeing him un averse, Feng De continued, “It seems that Miss Shi is attending the wedding that you were invited to. The bride and groom are her sister and brother in law”.

Gong Ouyang’s fingers that tapped rhythmically on the table top froze in the air.

Brother in law?


When Xiaonian arrived at the meet up location, she saw a ridiculously large private plane parked with only a few people standing near the stairs.

As soon as they spotted Xiaonian, Shi Zhang, Xiaonian’s adoptive father rushed to her. He was dressed smartly today and in this moment seemed to be in a hurry.

“Xioanian, you are here now! Everyone is already in the plane waiting for you!” He immediately ushered her into the plane past many people to show her to her seat.

Xiaonian walked past a lot of familiar faces but no one bothered to greet her. It was not unexpected or surprising.

Her seat as further in the back alienating her from most of their prominent family. But it suited her just fine. She placed her bag in the overhead cabin and gently sat down in her chair.

One cousin recognized the dress she was wearing and couldn’t help but exclaim, “Oh my god! Xiaonian, are you wearing a Netei?”

When she said that, other people turned around to look at her too. Her dress looked classy and expensive at a glance and her fair complexion made the pale pink dress look further beautiful.

People scrutinized her dress closely. Netei was a very popular brand that only made limited clothing for select few people. It definitely was not something a person like Xiaonian could afford.

Xiaonian felt their scrutiny and replied with a smile, “No, it is not. It’s just a high end imitation.”

The cousin who first called out giggled, “No wonder, how could those clothes be bought by just anyone. But these days, these high end imitations are getting too widespread. Just slap on a little make up and they can look as good as the original, aiyah!”

Xiaonian stayed silent and did not contradict her. She never applied any make up and she did not want to gain any attention from these people. It always turned out bad in the end. 

She just smiled at the person and stayed calmly in her seat.

The cousin got bored and turned around to talk with her second generation rich boyfriend.

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