Chapter 40: Mu Qian Chu's headaches (Part 1)

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“It is him!” someone else said excitedly.

The relatively calm place now erupted into chatters as people turned around one after the other to take a look at one of the richest man in the world.

“Excellent! Gong Outang actually came to MU family’s wedding. Quickly, capture this!” the photographer at the side immediately abandoned the stage and focused towards the door. 

He was not the only one. Other reports who were here to cover the wedding quickly shifted their focus too. Gong Ouyang, although popular, rarely appeared in these circles. Catching a glimpse of him was beyond imagination for a lot of people in attendance today. So, it was a one in a million chance for them to capture him on camera.

Xiaonian froze as she heard the name and blankly turned around and immediately saw several bodyguards wearing black suits and few armed body guards in the back following them. They separated the reporters from Gong Ouyang and seriously checked anyone who tried to come closer.

Gong Ouyang was there, right in the middle of them. His tall figure and his handsome face stood out among the crowd. He was meticulously dressed in a gray suit and a dark shirt and looked as if he couldn’t just bothered to be here or give anyone a second of his time.


Xiaonian was dumbstruck.

Why was he attending Shi Yue’s wedding?

She suddenly remembered the disjointed conversation she heard between Feng De and him. Were they talking about this wedding?

Her first reaction was to turn around fast and sit down to prevent him from seeing her.

She definitely cannot let him see her.

He never stuck by the rules of society and with his temperament, it was highly possible that he would reveal the relationship between them as soon as he saw her.

Although she gave up on trying to change the relationship between them, she still cared about her self esteem and refused to let Gong Ouyang mar it before these people.

Lu Rin who was also excitedly watching Gong Ouyang’s entry felt Xiaonian sitting down abruptly and couldn’t help but ask, “what happened? Are you alright?”

“I..I’m okay”.

Xiaonian couldn’t help but look back nervously.

 She saw Gong Ouyang stand in the middle of body guards. The man who looked as if he didn’t want to be there suddenly looked up and straight in her direction.

As soon as their eyes locked, the bored look in his eyes dissipated and the corners of his lips hooked up in a smile as if he just found his prey.


Xiaonian was shocked.

Suddenly, Gong Ouyang strode towards her and the people around look at him in surprise. They wanted to know who he was going to meet!

“Mom, I want to go to the bathroom, I’ll leave first” Xiaonian quickly gave Lu Rin an excuse and quickly escaped to the door not far away.

No way.

She cannot be seen here with Gong Ouyang.

When Xiaonian ran quickly into the corridor, she heard footsteps not very far away from her. She cannot be sure if it wasn’t Gong Ouyang.

In desperation, she grabbed the nearest door and rushed in and locked it as an extra measure.

Her heart beat wildly.

She never expected to meet Gong Ouyang at an event like this! Did he not tell Feng De that he didn’t want to attend?


A voice came from behind in doubt.

Xiaonian turned around in surprise, and she saw Mu Qian Chu in a tuxedo standing my the window, bathed in the evening sun light. He looked at her with narrowed eyes, in question.

There were assistants by him going over the details around him and there were several sets of men’s suits in a corner in a glass wardrobe.

So, this was his changing room.

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Afraid that he would misunderstand her barging into this room as trying to get involved with him, she said, “Congratulations. I came here to borrow the bathroom and did not realize this was yours. This was just the nearest.”

At that time, a knock sounded on the door and Xiaonian quickly ran into the bathroom located to a side.


Mu Qian Chu was surprised to see her quickly running to the bathroom and closing the door.

What new trick was she playing?

Xiaonian hid in the bathroom and leaned against the sink. What should she do now? Where can she hide? Should she slip away when the ceremony begins?

She was still pondering on her options when she heard someone kicked the main door outside.

She bit her lips anxiously. In the next moment, she heard Mu Qian Chu talking in a n humble and courteous manner, “So it was Mr Gong. Thank you so much for attending our Mu family’s wedding. Everyone will be very happy.”

So it was indeed Gong Ouyang.

Her brows furrowed in the next second when she heard him speak.

“Brother in law?” Gong Ouayng said to himself suddenly in mumble.

“What?” Mu Qian Chu did not hear him properly.

Suddenly it was quite outside and Xioanian did not know what to do. She just cocked up her ear and tried to hear their conversation.

“Is mr Gong looking for something? Can I help?” Mu Qian Chu asked when he saw Gong Ouyang staring around the room as if searching for something.

He really was looking for her!

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  1. Thank you again translator, I'm getting hooked on this drama! So curious on how she would change a bad guy into a good one..?

  2. I knew it... I want everyone to know about them hadjhfnrhdhs so frustrating.


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