Chapter 44: Severing their ties (Part 1)

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The Mu family and the Shi family began the search in the southern area of the Yunshang island after receiving Gong Ouyang’s permission. They were really worried that their request would be denied due to the rumored Gong Ouyang’s cold and private personality. It was was reported that he once burned down a whole mansion because someone he didn’t like showed up at that place, but fortunately they now have the permission.

A group of 26 people including Shi Yue went into the area and started searching for Mu Qian Chu. It was already late in the night and the sky was ink black. This part of the island was kept in its natural state with minimal electric usage, so the only light they could borrow from was the bright moon up above them and the torch lights they borrowed from the hotel.

Shi Yue was pregnant, so she waited in the back and asked people for updates while the others went inside and searched. Inside her heart, she ground her teeth in frustration, how can that bitch take away her groom. But it was okay, this way Mu Qian Chu’s hate for her would be forever cemented.

In the beginning she just wanted Shi Xiaonian to be present at her wedding so she can see for herself how worthless she is compared to her who was so beloved by Mu Qian Chu. But she never expected this to happen. When she found Shi Xiaonian, she will definitely teach her a lesson she won’t forget any time soon.

Seeing her daughter pace worriedly underneath a tree, Lu Rin was overcome with worry. Shi Yue was also in a delicate stage at this point, she couldn’t be allowed to be stressed.

“Ah Yue, why don’t you go back and sit down on the bench. I’ll let you know if any news comes up, okay?” she coaxed her gently.

Just when Shi Yue wanted to take the advice and leave someone came out from the bushes, “we found Mu Qian Chu!”

Shi Yue immediately followed the man with the help of her mother into the woods. Under a tree, Mu Qian Chu fainted with his suit crumpled but otherwise looking unharmed.

Shi Yue took small steps towards him and in the mean time someone bought a bottle of water and sprinkled it on Mu Qian Chu’s face trying to awaken him.

In a few seconds, Mu Qian Chu groggily woke up. It was clear that he was not able clear headed because he kept looking around confusedly and then uttered, “Shi..Xiaonian..” and fainted again.

For a moment, everyone in the vicinity froze.

Early in the morning, Xiaonian once again woke up as Gong Ouyang tugged her underneath him. She had no strength left in her and could only let Gong Ouyang turn her around and kiss along her spine until he reached her back dimples.

Her skin around the dimples was covered in red bite marks and hickeys. Gong Ouyang ran a slender finger on them as he relished the memory of debauchery he put her through yesterday night. 

The finger that was tracing a particularly painful looking bite stopped in its course when he remembered why she let him do whatever he wanted yesterday night.

Her brother in law.

A vicious light passed through his eyes as one of his hand caught her waist in a strong grip and Xiaonian was not left alone until the next hour. 

When Xiaonian woke up again, it was already afternoon and Gong Ouyang was nowhere in sight.

Her hands gripped the sheet tightly and she released a shaky breath of relief. 

She did not immediately get out of the bed instead she silently sat there for another few minutes.

 There was not a place on her body that didn’t hurt, even her fingers ached. 

Taking a deep breath to alleviate the discomfort in her body she slowly got up and took a bath. It was only then she began to think about Mu Qian Chu. She did not understand how he was missing. Did it have anything  to do with those headaches of his? He did not seem well when she last met him yesterday.

When Xiaonian came out of the bedroom, Feng De was waiting for her. Handing her her mobile phone, he said, “Miss Shi, master had to leave early to attend a meeting back in A city. He asked me to personally escort you off this island. Whenever you are ready, we shall leave.”

Xioanian smiled slightly and nodded her head in agreement. All these things, they are all orders disguised anyways, it not like she can say no.

Sighing, she looked at her phone and saw a few calls and a message from her mother with a hospital address that Mu Qian Chu was being treated in.

He was in a hospital?

Xiaonian tried to call Lu Rin but her call did not go through. She was not quite sure what she was to make of the message.

Xiaonian had enough troubles with her family and if at all possible, she did not want to pile upon more.  

“Housekeeper De, I want to go to the hospital on Yunshang island before we head back ” she informed Feng De.

“Of course Miss Shi, I’ll arrange for the transportation.”


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  2. I bet he saw her with Gong Ouyang and wanted to know what their relationship was so he went to Gong Ouyang's home in wait.

    1. Hey you might be right. I didn’t think of it like that


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