Chapter 48: Get out! (Part 1)

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TianZhi was an upscale area. Because the residences are valued in millions, the area around TianZhi caters to rich people, like the porcelain gallery Xiaonian visited last time.

Xiaonian never visited the grocery store in this area, but if experience has taught  her anything, it was to expect the worst.

The car parked in the basement and Gong Ouyang dragged her out to the elevator that led to the store.

Was it just her, or did he seem oddly excited at this?

When they entered the store, quite a number of ladies turned their heads to stare the man beside her.

Xiaonian sighed with deep feelings.

The world sure was unfair. What was the point of an evil rich person like Gong Ouyang having a face like that.

Rich, arrogant and handsome CEO’s, in her humble opinion, belonged on comic boards. In real life, they just made people want to strangle them.

Gong Ouyang, who was unaware of Xiaonian’s thought process, ignored the stares of the ladies and waited back as Xiaonian pulled out a cart and then he held her other free hand.

Gong Ouyang was dressed in casual’s and sunglasses, his hair left mussed and he exuded the air a casual model. 

Xiaonian was sure she looked like one of those cheap freebies you get with a branded item standing beside him.

Sigh. She really wanted to runaway and hide among those cereal boxes.

Gong Ouyang and Xiaonian started browsing through the isles for shopping. Xiaonian was pushing the cart with one hand while the other was firmly clasped in Gong Ouyang’s hand. It was quite inconvenient.

“What do you want to eat?”

Xiaonian was scared stiff by the exorbitant prices of the fruits and vegetables. Even a small lychee cost tens. Isn’t this daylight robbery?

Gong Ouyang looked at the shelves and pointed his slender forefinger, “this, this, this, this, this…”


Xiaonian’s eyes widened.

What are those?

She did not even know if they are edible!

One fruit (or vegetable?) looked like a mass of spines. Wouldn’t people’s mouths be poked full of holes?

Gong Ouyang was still in the middle of selecting, “This, this, this, and this too” he paused a little, “so bothersome. We’ll get them to send all of it.”

Buy all of them?

To do what?

Bury her in them?

Xiaonian looked lost for speech. This tyrant, please don’t show up before us commoners!

Xianoain sighed, “Can I choose?”

“Yes” Gong Ouyang promised quickly.

It was obvious that Gong Ouyang did not know how to shop for groceries. She wondered if anyone living in the TianZhi ever did.

Xiaonian slowly made a mental list of the dishes she could cook and started picking up the ingredients one by one and put them in the shopping cart.

Gong Ouyang who did not like being out in public slowly lost interest in choosing the ingredients and simply followed Xiaonian everywhere playing with with her fingers.

Her fingers seemed to be his only interest.

After shopping the groceries, she went to the skin care isle and browsed through some face mask brands. 

It has been a long time since she properly took care of herself. These days her life slowly settled back into a routine and she wanted to pick up some stuff.

Mu family owned huge skin care products and were very popular in S city. Xiaonian stopped before their product and picked it up, on the packaging Shi Yue’s face looked at her smiling sweetly and an uncomfortable lump settled in her throat.

She quickly put it back in the shelf and chose a product from other company.

“Your sister is quite ugly, not at all like you” Gong Ouyang said suddenly looking at the face on the packaging.

Gong Ouyang was not wrong. Shi Yue’s beauty was enhanced by cosmetics and makeup. How many of such beauties hadn’t he seen in his life, women with thick make up slathered on their faces and drowned in bottles of stinking perfumes.

Shi Xiaonian on the other hand, was a natural beauty. She did not need any makeup to bring out the softness of her skin or the delicate features of her pretty  face. She also liked to dress in loose fitting clothes that covered up her curves that would otherwise make men instantly notice her. 

Xiaonian put on a small smile at his comment, “She is considered as a very pretty actress  by a lot of people actually.”

“So ugly and can still be called a star? People’s aesthetics are really weird.” Gong Ouyang looked at the face on the packaging one more time and moved away dragging Xiaonian with him.

Xiaonian heart stopped for a minuscule second. Her whole life, she had been deemed as someone inferior to Shi Yue by people around her. Even the man she considered most important to her was charmed away by her. And now, to be told by Gong Ouyang that she was more beautiful…. she really felt a tendril of something akin to happiness unfurling in her heart. 

Someone considered her beautiful too. A small smile bloomed on her little face.

With her mood brightened by Gong Ouyang’s comment, she said, “I’m done here, lets go home, I’ll cook you a proper Hong Kong breakfast today.”

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