Chapter 48: Get out! (Part 3)

She licked her lower lip in fear and watched Gong Ouyang’s expression, her eyelashes trembled like the wings of a butterfly and she saw that he looked more calmer now.

“I don’t have a child” she tried telling him slowly still looking at his face for any changes in his reaction, “I’m really not lying. I..I asked you to find my classmate Tang Yi, she..she was on the cruise with me three years ago. She can definitely prove that I am innocent.”

The feeling of being suffocated in his hands while she was unable to defend herself was terrifying. She buried her head into her chest further hoping she can just vanish from Gong Ouyang’s sight.

“I really am not trying to stay by your side.”

She really was not trying to trick him into anything. She just wanted to live her life without fear from his threats, that was all.

Gong Ouyang stared at her, the anger that he suppressed just a minute ago now sprung back two fold morphed into irritation, “you really don’t want to stay by my side?”

Xiaonian quickly nodded her head. At this moment, she absolutely did not want him to misunderstand her. She had no motives towards him and just hoped that he wouldn’t stay angry at her anymore. It was very frightening.

While Xiaonian was trying to appease Gong Ouyang, anger flared up in his chest. Slender fingers grabbed her arm tightly.

Xiaonian cried out in pain and trembled more trying to burrow into herself in the corner, “Ple..please let me go.”

He cannot wait to kill her!

She didn’t want to stay by his side?

Who did she think she was?

Her words that she did not want to stay with him wiped out any rational thought in his head. He forgot why he was blaming her in the first place, all that remained was this monstrous anger that wanted him to lash out at her for wanting to escape from him.

If that classmate proved that she was innocent, she will immediately go away?

She dared!

“Stop the car!” Gong Ouyang ordered, his anger ready to burn everything.

The driver hurriedly braked.

“Get out!” Gong Ouyang grabbed Xiaonian by her blouse collar and dragged her out of the car pushing her on to the road.

Xianian was forced on a busy road. 

A car rushed past her almost running over her and Gong Ouyang’s car roared away.

A shocked Xiaonian quickly walked to the nearest footpath, did Gong Ouyang want to kill her?

What was wrong with him?! Strangling her and then pushing her off on a busy road, nearly killing her!

“Take your medicine you stinky man!” Xiaonian shouted in the direction his car departed. A layer of water swirled in her eyes but she stubbornly suppressed her fear with anger.

She would not cry like a weakling.

Her shout was downed in the sound of traffic and she was left standing on the footpath with few people staring at her curiously.

Only then did she realize that one of her slippers was missing and the top of her blouse was ripped when Gong Ouyang dragged her out of the car. 

She probably cut a very sorry figure right now, looking like this and shouting at traffic. Feeling embarrassed, she quickly pushed her hair behind her ears walked away from the footpath.

When she turned to leave, pain shot up her leg. 

Did she hurt her leg during the fall?

She tried taking another few steps cautiously but found that her ankle throbbed whenever she put some weight on it.

The bump she received on her head hadn’t stopped throbbing and now she already had an injured throat that made swallowing hard and a twisted ankle that made walking hard.

She called Gong Ouyang a few chosen names in her heart and slowly ambled away.

She wanted to call a taxi to go to home, but it was only then she realized, now that Gong Ouyang asked her to get out, she had no where to go.

Her old house’s lease was terminated when she moved to TianZhi and now her family completely cut off their connection. Dumbfounded by her realization that she was now utterly homeless, Xiaonian stood still on the footpath blocking pedestrians who grumbled in annoyance.

Waking up from her reverie, she looked around her wanting to know where she was and only then realized that she was in the city and actually very near by her publishing company.

Perhaps, Gong Ouyang won’t bother her anymore.

Xiaonian laughed at her own thinking.

Clutching her 4 year old purse in her hand, she slowly limped towards the next street where her publishing company was.

When she went inside, her colleagues gathered around and started asking questions about her appearance in concern.

“Dan, what happened to you?” her editor Xia Yu immediately noticed her swollen ankle and cried out.

“Got caught in a crowd and lost my footing” she tried to explain in way that wouldn’t cause doubts.

“Such insensible people! Are you okay? Do you want to go to the hospital?” Tia Yu freed around like a mother hen eliciting a small smile out of Xiaonian.

“Ah. I think I should go to a hospital. I’ll catch a taxi in a bit.”

Xia Yu immediately rejected her idea, “How can you go by yourself? I’ll call Li Chen, he’ll take you to the hospital” she immediately volunteered her husband for the job.

“No, no. I can make it there myself” Xiaonian tried to reject Xia Yu’s offer. Her husband was a very nice man and she did not want to cause him unnecessary trouble with her problems.

“Nonsense” Xia Yu dismissed her worried and within 15 minutes a happy and sunny Li Chen arrived at their company with his old car.

Tia Yu put a hand round Xiaonian’s shoulder and helped her into the car while Li Chen got into the driver’s seat, “brother Li, I’m sorry to have troubled you” Xiaonian could resist apologizing.

“It doesn’t matter, doesn't matter” Li Chen laughed, he was a simple and honest man, “I’m a wife slave, have to run where she points” he laughed while driving.

“Oh” Xiaonian couldn’t help but be affected by his cheery mood.

This is how a husband should be.

Xia Yu adores him to pieces and he reciprocates it with enthusiasm.

“Ah Xiaonian, Xia Yu said you wanted to go to your home first, am I going in the right direction?” Li asked.

Xiaonian hesitated. She needed a change of clothes but needed to get cleaned up but she did not have anywhere to go, she doubted if she would be allowed back to TianXhi if she showed up for her clothes now. 

Haah, even if she was, it would be impossible to ask brother Li to drive there.

“That, brother Li, could you please take me to a nearby hotel for now. It’s temporarily inconvenient for me to go back right now.”


Li Chen circled twice around their block and found a decent hotel.

When Xiaonian tried to climb down the car, her foot felt painful and she almost lost her balance. 

“Oh, let me help you” Li Chen saw her shaky appearance and ran around to steady her.

“Thank yu very much brother Li” Xiaonian was very grateful for his assistance.

Li Chen smiled “Nothing, nothing. You just deliver your scripts on time and make sure my wife comes back home on time” he joked.

“Ok” she agreed.

Xiaonian put a little bit of weight on Li Chen and leaned on him for support when suddenly, the sound of emergency brakes being engaged was heard.

In the next second, the black luxury car’s door slammed open.

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