Chapter 50: Penalty (Part 2)

“What’s with your attitude? Don’t forget, in our relationship, you exist to please me!”

Xiaonian suddenly felt a small spurt of anger in her heart. If her leg was;t hurt, she would have ran o him and given him a good beating!

Xiaonian controlled her face to make sure that her feelings were not apparent. She slowly walked forward silently.

“Your foot is swollen and you are running like a toddler!” Gong Ouyang looked at her as if she was an embarrassment and took a step forward and before she knew it Xiaonian felt her whole body carried up and thrown on his shoulder like a sack of onions.

“What are you doing?! Let me down!” Xiaonian screamed at the boor carrying her with no respect to her person.

But without paying any heed to her protests, Gong Ouyang carried her all the way down the hall and broke into a doctor’s office.

The doctor and the two nurses looked like they were waiting for him and froze on the spot when they saw him ‘carry’ a woman with him. After a moment, they immediately started working to make the patient comfortable.

Gong Ouyang put Xiaonian on a medical chair that was swiveled to his side by a nurse and looked at the doctor, “you can start now.”

“Yes Mr. Gong” the doctor gingerly held Xiaonian’s foot and examined her carefully.


Xiaonian listened to their conversation and realized that Gong Ouyang left her to find this doctor for her treatment. 

The anger in heart lessens but she harrumphed in her mind. It was he who caused this after all, it was only right that he take care of it.

The doctor pressed her foot slightly and Xiaonian immediately jumped in her chair, “Hurts!”

Gong Ouyang’s face immediately darkened, “if you don’t do it properly, I can easily make you disappear” he calmly threatened the doctor.

“Ah, yes yes, I’m sorry Mr. Gong, it was my fault” the doctor immediately apologized and tried to be more careful with the examination.

Xiaonian now felt some sympathy towards this doctor.

Ah, he was also like her, oppressed by the great evil that was Gong Ouyang.

Xiaonian tried to endure the pair thereafter to make the doctor’s life more easier, but Gong Ouyang who closely watched every minute twitch on her face saw her efforts to hide her pain and blew up once again, “You are obviously useless! get me someone better!”

The doctor immediately let go of Xiaonian’s leg and looked chastised.

“I don’t hurt” Xiaonian couldn’t stand his tyranny and pulled at his sleeve.

“You are clutching your shirt into rags and you say you aren’t in pain?” Gong Ouyang asked her in dissatisfaction. 

Why was this woman so hard to please. He was obviously trying to make this better for her!

“I can bear it, this is normal, don’t scold the doctor” she told him somewhat fiercely.

After seeing him bully the poor doctor she couldn’t help but gather her small courage and reprimand him.

Ah! what else can he do now?


“You!” Gong Ouyang clenched his fist trying not to flip anything nearby that would disturb her treatment. After a moment, he calmed down and walked to the nearby chair and sat in it looking clearly displeased.

“What are you doing? Continue!” he snapped at the doctor who was watching the interactions between them with wide open eyes.

This doctor was someone who had opportunities to watch Gong Ouyang and was well versed with the temper of Master Gong. But this was the first time he saw someone who stood up to him. 
And the lady actually seemed to have won the fight.

This was simply amazing.

With increased respect for his patient, the doctor asked, “Miss, pleased lift up your foot a little and I’ll try to not cause you pain.”

Xiaonian raised her foot a little and watched as the doctor started his examination again.

If she knew what the doctor was thinking she would definitely break down in tears and tell him that it was just a momentary insanity, definitely not bravery or anything. Infant, she would tell him that she was already regretting her outburst and thanking all the gods that Gong Ouyang gave way to her instead of just strangling away whatever life he hadn’t taken in that car.

After the examination was finished, Gong Ouyang immediately dragged her back to Tianzhi.

On the way back, Xiaonian did not speak a single world to him and looked out the window completely ignoring him, like he was the air.

Seeing her ignore him like he didn’t even exist, Gong Ouyang’s already displeased mood bubbled and seethed inside.

When they reached TianZhi, Gong Ouyang carried Xiaonian once again from the car to their apartment and thankfully this time, he did it normally.

When they entered the apartment, Gong Ouyang took her to the living room and placed her on the sofa. He was about to speak when Xiaonian, still maintaining her cold face, stood up on her one leg and hopped to her study.


What was she? A spring board?

Gong Ouyang did not follow her to argue instead he grabbed a pillow from the sofa and smashed it against a decorative bottle on the table. The crystal bottle flew off the table and smashed into glittering pieces.

A maid followed Feng De and cleaned up the floor within minutes and left leaving Feng De and Gong Ouyang alone in the hall.

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