Chapter 51: Apology (Part 1)

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“If you don’t open the door, I can have Feng De find the spare key” Gong Ouyang’s silky threatening voice poured through the door.

Gong Ouyang stood on the other side of the door, arms folded and extremely calm.

She is here, in his domain, what can’t he do?

When he did not hear any movement from the other side, he ordered Feng De, “Feng De, get me the key.”


He was not on the losing end. Even if she doesn’t obey him, he can take his dues in the bedroom tonight. While he was not terribly pleased about not getting his lunch, he can compromise with the knowledge that he can tie her up tonight.

Before Feng De could return back, the door before him was pulled open.

Gong Ouyang almsot felt a twinge of regret, but he stood before the damned woman with a proud face at winning this little game.

Xiaonian looked at him coldly and hobbled towards the kitchen.

Gong Ouyang looked at her unsightly gait and at the bandaged foot, his brows wrinkled in displeasure. Following her, he walked in quick steps and reached her lifting her up into his arms in one quick motion and carried her in the direction of the kitchen.

Xiaonian did not speak or struggle, letting him hold her and take to the kitchen.

Once he put her down in the kitchen before the counter, Xiaonian immediately started busying herself with picking vegetables, washing pots and preparing ingredients thoroughly ignoring him.

“What do you mean by that attitude?” Gong Ouyang barked at her after waiting for few minutes to notice him.

Xiaonian did not even turn and kept concentrating on chopping vegetables.

She was scared of his violent outbursts, but that doesn’t mean that she was going to not show a little bit of rebellion. If she had learnt anything by staying with Gong Ouyang, then it was that she has to pick and choose her battles with him.

“Xiaonian!” Gong Ouyang grabbed her arm and spun her around to face him. His fingers clasped around her delicate arm were exerting enough pressure to cause her a slight amount of pain, but seeing Xiaonian still maintain her indifferent expression, he increased the strength of his grip.

Xiaonian tried to pull her arm out of his hand but he simply tugged it back without any effort.

Seeing that she can’t do anything, she simply remained silent standing still allowing Gong Ouyang to do whatever he wants.

Gong Ouyang watched her become silent, but he could still see a streak of stubbornness in her eyes. If this continues, he could easily crush her delicate arm with his wrist. 

Her body bruised with a slightest touch and just a little rough play made it look like she was put through some sort of physical abuse. One time, after a particularly intense night, even he flinched at the sight of the red purple bruises on her waist and  other parts. He was worried enough to call a doctor then.

“Damn!” Gong Ouyang released her hand and swore sharply. “Xiaoian, I admit it! I was wrong!”

He really wanted her to stop ignoring him, but he did not deeply delve into why that was so.

When Xiaonian still remained silent refusing to look at him, he erupted, “What the hell! I am trying to take care of you and you are acting like this! Fine! I won’t worry about you anymore!”

Gong Ouyang turned and left the room immediately leaving Xiaonian to open her mouth in shock.


He was trying to take care of her?



She was like this, with a twisted ankle and a bruised neck, when he was trying to take care of her.

What would she be like if he was actively trying to destroy her?

The thought sent a chill down her spine. The more she thought about it, the more afraid she was of her own imagination.

She absentmindedly rubbed her arm and once again busied herself in cooking for him.

After she made the lunch, Xiaonian considerably calmed down. 

She sat down and waited for gong Ouyang to return for his meal.

She waited for one hour, then two hours and still she did not see him. The food had already cooled and even she was starting to feel hungry looking at all the dishes laid down before her.

Picking up the chopsticks, she served herself some of the food and ate it while still keeping an eye on the door incase Gong Ouyang decided to show up.

When Gong Ouyang did not show up even after that, Xiaonian understood. Looks like he was really angry this time.

The king of big stomachs, not eating food, she had never seen that before today.

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